Small Warehouse Rental in Chile

If you are thinking of putting up a small warehouse in Chile, there are many benefits of doing so. The country is a hotbed of real estate investment, with Chile’s economy ranking as one of the fastest growing in the region. Its rapid economic growth has led to a significant reduction in the country’s poverty rate, making it a popular choice for foreign investors. In addition to its excellent business climate, Chile has an attractive legal environment, making it easier for foreigners to rent property.

The warehousing industry in Chile has been booming in recent years, and the competition between the various warehousing companies has led to a variety of modern warehouse centers that offer a range of amenities. These include restaurants, mechanized cleaning, forklift leasing, optional offices within the warehouse, a sports center, and a gym. In addition, a Chilean warehouse center will also have an on-site restaurant, as well as a fitness center and tennis courts.

Non-residents in Chile must pay withholding tax on their taxable income. Non-residents are subject to withholding tax only on income derived from Chilean assets. The government has established specific rules to prevent illegal activities and ensure the fair and accurate accounting of company finances. Chilean businesses are encouraged to maintain a transparent accounting system, and will apply a simplified register if possible to reduce their tax liabilities. However, you must remember that there is no deduction for expenses that were not fully documented before the SII.