SOLID Principles for Web Development

SOLID principles were first developed by Robert C. Martin and later coined by Michael Feathers. A successful piece of software will evolve and develop, becoming more complicated as time goes on. Without good design principles, it could become fragile, immobile, or viscous. SOLID principles were developed to counter these design patterns. They can be applied to any type of software, but are particularly relevant in the development of software for the web.


Scientists categorize solid crystals into seven basic classes and dozens of subclasses. According to Smalyukh, there are 32 types of crystals in the universe. Solid crystals have definite atomic arrangements and a regular surface reflecting their internal symmetry. Dawe’s research is focused on the beauty of these structures. Listed below are the seven general categories of solid crystals. For more information about each type, read on!


Coins are round, solid objects that most often contain metal or plastic. They are valued because they serve as currency. Mints create coins and exchange them. If the coins are worth less than their face value, they are called “short sales.” However, coins are solid even if they are under-graded. By federal law, coins must be solid if they contain 10 kt. or more of gold. However, the Federal Trade Commission has defined “solid gold” as a coin that does not contain any hollow spaces and is made of 10 kt. or finer gold.


If you were to pour sand into a container, it would take the shape of the container. While it appears to be liquid, sand is actually solid. In fact, every grain of sand has a unique shape, which helps it to act like a solid. Here are some examples of its uses. 1. Improving traffic safety in icy conditions


What is Solid Osmium? Solid Osmium is a hard blue-white element that is part of the platinum group. It is also the densest naturally occurring element. It is most commonly found in platinum ores. Osmium is an important industrial metal. Its uses range from jewelry to dental fillings. Here are some examples of uses for solid Osmium. In addition to jewelry, it can be used as a catalyst.

Olympic-sized ice cubes

The world’s first Olympic-sized ice cubes were created in 2008 for the Summer Olympics. However, they will soon be made more common as venues for Winter Olympics are being renovated. That will make the Ice Cube a permanent legacy of sustainable Olympics. Despite their unconventional appearance, they still have plenty of uses. Aside from ice hockey and mixed drinks, these cubes are also good for ice dispensing, retailing, and displays.

Refractory materials

Refractory materials are solid products used in the manufacture of ceramic tiles and bricks. Some are stabilized by silica, magnesia, or calcium. Most furnaces and kilns are compatible with these materials, and brick equivalents are used to estimate the required number. Bricks can be produced into a variety of shapes and sizes, including walls, roofs, arches, tubes, and circular apertures.