Sources and Methods of Gathering World News

The news cycle is relentless. Reading headlines would take an entire day. In this article we’ll look at the sources and methods of gathering world news. In addition, we’ll discuss the characteristics of a foreign correspondent and resources for learning about world events. To make sense of all the world news headlines, we’ll begin with a quick overview of the methods of gathering news. For more detailed information, check out the resources listed below.

Sources of world news

If you are looking for the latest news, you can get your fix from several different sources. The New York Times and BBC are both renowned news organizations that are great for world news. However, it is not enough to read just one of these outlets every day. Instead, you need to read a wide variety of news every day to stay informed. Listed below are some of the best sources for world news. Read as much as you can every day to stay informed about world events.

CNN – A world-renowned cable news network, CNN offers daily news from around the globe in multiple languages, and has special editions for most regions. The Economist – A weekly global news publication published in London – is also a good source. It offers a free archive of news, including commentary and analysis. Euronews – A leading European news channel, Euronews has international news, weather and topic directories. The Washington Post – With global coverage, the Washington Post’s international news is a great place to find world news.

Methods of gathering news

The methods used by journalists in the field differ, but they usually revolve around four basic techniques: observation, conversation, interview, and research. News is gathered through interviews, observation, and research, which is often followed by planning coverage, assigning teams, and structuring news packages. Journalists may also monitor the Internet, use survey tools, or utilize URL shorteners to gather information about a topic. Below, we will look at each of these methods in more detail.

Characteristics of a foreign correspondent

A foreign correspondent for world news bears witness to world events, reports on them, and interprets their implications. While the traditional foreign desk works in a hierarchical structure, new media outlets have decentralized systems, making citizen journalists vulnerable to censorship. In Turkey, for example, citizen journalists have sprung up in 140journos, an effort to counterbalance the censored national press. Burcu Baykurt investigates the threat posed to traditional correspondents.

While there is no set curriculum for becoming a foreign correspondent, there are several requirements. A foreign correspondent should possess excellent subject-matter knowledge, and be able to translate the complexities of a topic into easy-to-understand terms. Communication skills are essential, as strong reporting relies on clear and concise language. Additionally, they should be capable of multitasking, as many foreign correspondents often take photographs of their work as well.

Resources for learning about world news

While there are countless resources available for students, a few good starting points are The News Literacy Project and Wikipedia. Both offer many news articles and classroom materials. Depending on your subject area, you may want to use a different source than your normal textbook. For example, if you’re interested in teaching your students how to analyze media reports, you might want to use the nonprofit organization News Literacy Project. They have developed a weekly newsletter, professional development opportunities, and a wide array of classroom materials.

For younger readers, TIME offers a student edition and a free web site. Both offer news articles with a twist. TIME for Kids includes articles in Spanish and ready-to-print news. Another good current events website for children is Newsela. Both offer free and paid content, but Newsela includes additional resources for each topic. If you’re teaching the subject of international relations, news from NPR is an excellent choice.