Sources of World News

In the 19th century, newspapers began to be published in many countries. New technologies made it easier to spread news from abroad. The telegraph and other innovations led to the first news agencies, such as the Associated Press, Reuters, and Wolff. One of the most prominent sub-fields of world news is war journalism, which is the study of events related to war. In many countries, special envoys are sent to cover specific topics.

Sources of world news

There are several prominent sources of world news. Newspapers, magazines, and the Internet are excellent sources for current events. Don’t limit yourself to one source for news, however; you should read as much information as possible every day. Here are some of the best sources of world news:

Foreign correspondents

Often working as one-person bureaus, foreign correspondents cover everything in person. Human intelligence cannot replace the eye of a camera, and a reporter’s first-hand experience is his or her best source of information. In the era of social media and globalization, this is an essential skill. But despite the many challenges of working in foreign countries, many foreign correspondents thrive and enjoy the challenge. Listed below are some of the responsibilities of a foreign correspondent.

Foreign newspaper articles

While the term “world news” is often used, many people don’t think of the news as being a specialized form of journalism. In fact, journalists in nearly every country report world events. In the United States, there is a blurred line between “national” and “world” news, which includes coverage of the national government and institutions. It also includes reports of summits of multilateral organizations and wars involving the country.