Sources of World News

There are many sources of world news. News agencies, Newspapers, and Broadcasters are a few of them. There is so much news that we would spend our entire day just reading headlines. Instead, we should be focusing on more important things that affect us personally. But how do we know which source is right for us? And how can we avoid being bombarded with information that is not really relevant to us? This article will explain how the media reports news and who is responsible for it.

Foreign correspondents

Foreign correspondents are professionals who travel to remote areas around the world to report on events and provide eyewitness accounts. These journalists report from various places, from Sweden to Singapore. They fight against misinformation and seek to educate and inform the public about issues affecting their countries. They can sometimes find themselves in dangerous situations. If you’re interested in working as a foreign correspondent, consider this career option. It’s a rewarding career with a wide variety of duties.

News agencies

Globalization has forced the World news agencies to reinvent themselves as multimedia, multi-segment, and multi-support tools. This new model allows them to meet the growing demands of new customers, who expect variety in news services and products. These services can be found on the internet and are increasingly available on mobile devices. However, they are not free from controversy and have critics. So, how do you choose the best news agency? Here are a few things to consider.


The spread of paper preceded a major advancement in the reporting of news. The invention of the printing press in the 1500s brought news reporting into a new age, changing from a purely factual format to a more dramatic and emotive one. While private newsletters remained popular among those who had something to report, newspapers began to appear in Germany in the early 1600s. The Relation aller Furnemmen und gedenckwurdigen Historien is recognized as the world’s first ‘newspaper’, although the acta diurna of Ancient Rome served a similar role in 131 BC.


Across the globe, you can find world news broadcasters such as the BBC and CNN. These channels are dedicated to the news, mostly political, economic, and global. However, their aim, scope, and dimension vary. While CNN and BBC have similar missions and purposes, they are different in scope and means. In addition to covering the world news, these channels cover the politics, economy, and financial world. Their primary target audience is different from their U.S. and European counterparts.


Internet World News reader offers a fast way to read the headlines and choose relevant sources. The application is available for download in Windows Store and is universally released. The app does not collect your personal information, but it does record technical information, such as your IP address, when you request a webpage. It does not store your personal information, and it never discloses it to third parties. In case you encounter privacy violations in the application, you should contact the support team.