Stair Cleaning Tips

Before you can clean your stairs, you should gather your supplies. Make sure to start at the top of the stairs, since this will prevent dirt from your feet from messing up the steps. Use a hose attachment on your vacuum to spray the stairway with a solution. If you don’t have a hose attachment, you can also use a dry mop or carpet shampoo. Use caution, however, as it is easy to get the cleaning solution on the stairs.

Using a vacuum

Unlike the flat surfaces you use every day, stairs aren’t the easiest places to clean. To achieve a thorough cleaning of your stairs, you need a powerful vacuum that can handle carpeting. It’s also a good idea to invest in a high-quality vacuum with a warranty. For stairs, consider getting a stick vacuum with anti-tangle features. A powerful all-round vacuum is also better suited for carpeting, especially with its ability to pick up pet hair and dust.

Using a hose attachment

Most upright vacuums are difficult to hold with one foot. However, upright vacuums with hose attachments can be held while propped against the stairs. Hose attachments are ideal for cleaning stairs because they allow you to use a variety of tools, such as a scrub brush. Hoses are especially helpful for stair cleaning because most homes don’t have a plug near the stairs. To overcome this problem, you can use an extension cord or other power source near the stairs.

Using a dry mop

When you’re looking to clean your stairs, a spin mop is a useful tool. You can use it to dust wood stairs without carpeting and it has flexible strands that reach hard-to-reach areas. You can also use it to dust corners. But a dry mop is not the right tool for cleaning carpeted stairs. Read on for some tips on using a dry mop on stairs.

Using carpet shampoo

If you want to clean carpeted stairs but don’t have a steam cleaner, you can try using a commercially-available carpet shampoo to scrub them. It works just as well as carpet cleaners, and works on the fibers, not the surface. To use this product, mix a quarter cup of liquid laundry detergent into a gallon of warm water. Then, dip a stiff brush in the solution and scrub the stairs with circular motions.

Scrubbing the stairs by hand

If you’d like to make your stairs sparkle, try using a homemade stain remover solution. You can use baking soda mixed with warm water. Just sprinkle a quarter cup of baking soda over the stain and leave it for up to an hour. Use a rag to blot off excess. Once the stairs have dried, you can return to your regular cleaning routine. Just be sure to vacuum the stairs first!

Using an anti-soiling agent

When you want to improve the appearance of your carpeted stairs, using an anti-soiling agent is a great option. You can apply anti-soiling agents such as DryMaster Maxshield with a brush to the stair treads. This product dries to give the stairs the appearance they deserve. It is important to pre-vacuum the stairs before using an anti-soiling agent.

Using a Rug Doctor Hand Tool

Using a Rug Doctor hand tool for stair cleaning is a great way to keep your stairways looking brand new. It comes with rubberized bristles that grab and lift up stains. The tool also comes with a hose and cleaning formulas. Unlike a hand tool, the Rug Doctor doesn’t take up much space. It can also reach the top or bottom of a flight of stairs.