Storge – The Greek Philosophy of Love

What is storge? This philosophy refers to familial love. It is the love that a parent feels for their offspring. It is rooted in memory and familiarity. It is also compassionate. Let’s examine the meaning of storge. The following are some key aspects of storge. We’ll discuss how to practice it. Let’s start with the definition: Storge is a type of love.

Storge is a philosophy of love

Storge, the Greek philosophy of love, is the oldest concept in Western thought. It is an expression of affection that is natural, unconditional, and impersonal. It derives from the Golden Age of Greece, when intellectual virtue was in its highest echelon, and the dawn of modern philosophy was just beginning. In ancient Greece, love was defined in terms of scientific and existential leanings, and the notion of storge, or tribe love, was widespread.

It is based on familiarity

Love that is based on familiarity is referred to as storge. It is the most natural, most deeply felt and widely spread form of love. It is not based on physical attraction and does not require any sort of coercion. It is the result of familiarity and is the least concerned with superficial characteristics. The following are four common ways in which lovers can find love. All are based on familiarity.

It is rooted in memory

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It is compassionate

The Greek word storge, which means “compassion,” corresponds to the basic affection we feel toward others. This love is based on familial values and separate from other types of affection. According to C.S. Lewis, storge is the “humblest, broadest, and most universal love.” It’s important to understand storge in its broader context, however. We might start by thinking about what storge means, especially in light of the Bible.

It is loyal

The Ancient Greek concept of storge is still relevant today. The concept of storge is rooted in the bonds of family, and is a cornerstone of the relationship between parents and children. It’s a concept that goes beyond mere physical connection, as storge is a feeling of responsibility towards the family. In a child, storge flows naturally and instinctively. Storge is often an identifier of adopted children.

It is truthful

Storge is a love that unites family, clans, and races. It unites nationalism and patriotism, and strengthens relationships among family members. The word is pronounced STOR-jay, and it is also an eloquent and descriptive synonym for love. It describes the kind of love a family feels for its members. Storge is also true of the love of friends and family members.

It is humble

The word “storge” is rarely used in the Bible. Instead, it refers to family love. This word is used in relation to believers in the Old Testament, whom Paul refers to as brothers and beloved in the other church. These believers should show affection and unity for one another. In addition, they should sacrifice for one another, according to Paul. Storge is a sign of the end times. Let us take a look at the word’s meaning.