The Answer to the Crossword Clue: “Postal Matter”

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In the English language, the word “postal matter” is used to describe anything sent through the postal system. It is also used to describe the vehicles and conveyances used to transport the mails. These vehicles and conveyances are also referred to as mail carriers. A mail carrier is also a type of flexible armor or protective covering used by letter carriers. The definition of “postal matter” is based on the fifth edition of the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, published by the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

The USPS proposes to amend rule 5 to clarify the definition of “postal matter.” The term postal service includes mail, letters, and printed matter that weighs up to 70 pounds. It also includes acceptance, processing, transmission, and other services related to postal service. The proposed amendment appears after the signature of the Secretary of the Postal Service. The proposed amendment aims to clarify the meaning of postal matter for all interested parties. The amendment is intended to clarify what it means and to avoid confusion among the public.


What are the different types of postal matter? Postal services primarily handle mailed items. These objects are single objects sent from one person to another anywhere in the world. However, postal legislation has limits on how large or small an item can be. This forces postal services to mass-process items as much as possible. In essence, the basic function of a postal organization is to turn an individual item into a bulk form, which must be reclaimed to its original status before it can be sent to the other side of the world.

FTCA waiver of immunity

The FTCA waives the Postal Service’s immunity in tort actions, but it doesn’t apply to all cases. There are certain exceptions, however. Postal insurance, for example, provides immunity for mail that is lost or damaged. Flamingo Industries cites 39 U.S.C. SS401(1) to explain how this applies to the Postal Service. Nevertheless, a waiver of immunity is still an important defense in many cases.

SS 2679(a) limits the liability of federal agencies, including the Postal Service, to certain amounts. In a FTCA lawsuit, the postmaster is not immune from liability unless he violated the statute or was negligent in the handling of the mails. Although this provision does not specifically apply to claims against the Postal Service, it is not unrecognized. Therefore, courts must consider whether a claimant has met all the FTCA’s procedural requirements to sue the Postal Service.

Offences in postal matters

Offences in postal matters are crimes committed by persons attempting to defraud or deceive the mail delivery system. This includes attempting to intercept and destroy postal items, posing as the recipient of the mail, and faking a stamp to pass off as a genuine one. Offences may also be committed by persons delivering mails by ship or on a vessel without the necessary authority.

An officer of the Post Office may seize and/or detain a postal packet in violation of section 61. The Postmaster-General may also issue a fine for an act of this nature. Alternatively, a person who defies a postal officer may be liable to a fine of up to forty shillings. This is a serious offence that requires immediate prosecution and should be avoided at all costs.