The Basement of a Brazil Apartment

This Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, apartment was designed by Studio ro+ca. The owner of this tiny apartment wanted to use the space efficiently. A sliding door was added for privacy. The owner is a bachelor who has practiced law for thirty years. He wanted a masculine design, adequate circulation space, a large bathroom, and a closet big enough to hold his belongings. The team was able to create a space that fit the needs of the owner without sacrificing aesthetics.

Brazilian family living in basement apartment in Enfield

Two weeks ago, the Brazilian family moved to an Enfield basement apartment after the Almeda Fire destroyed their home in Ashland, Ore. The family has three children: Emmett Brazil, 5 years old, and his two younger sisters, 8-year-old Ava and 9-month-old Una. Their main room is packed with toys and other items, and they are still adjusting to their new surroundings.

Luxury house in Jardim Europa

In Jardim Europa, a contemporary house with spacious rooms is for sale. It features an outdoor garden with an open kitchen and dining area, while a private area with two bedrooms is perfect for an intimate retreat. The property has been constructed using solid construction and has great potential for remodeling. It is located in the most prestigious neighborhood in Sao Paulo, which has an excellent reputation for quality and privacy. For more information, contact a Real Estate agent in Jardim Europa today!

This district is known for upscale homes in a leafy environment. While many people believe that Sao Paulo is a concrete jungle, it is actually an island surrounded by high-rise buildings and properties. The area was designed with garden city principles in the 1940s and 1950s, so that its skyline would be defined by trees that were 50 to 70 years old. Luxury houses are built on small lots, with the majority of homes located in irregular four-sided polygons.

Pool on the ground floor

Located on the ground floor of a Sao Paulo apartment, a glass-walled swimming pool creates a beautiful gallery like space. The glass walls also line the interior section of the apartment above the pool. The minimalist aesthetic makes this space a striking visual treat. The pool provides a relaxing escape, and the minimalist lighting scheme enhances the art collection. Architect Fernanda Marques saw the need to create tension in the space by integrating the swimming pool into the living room.

The living and dining rooms on the ground floor are open to the swimming pool, extending the outdoor living space into the indoor spaces. The pool area is accessed via sliding glass doors. The two large bedrooms, including the master suite, are located in the opposite wing of the apartment. Each room has its own en-suite bathroom with marble counters. There is also a maid’s quarters adjacent to the main living and dining areas.

Alfresco swimming holes collapse

An 75-foot-long swimming hole in a Brazil apartment building has collapsed, sending water rushing into the basement garage. The building’s 270 residents had to evacuate the building, and the construction company arranged to have them stay at a hotel until the engineers had completed their inspections. The residents reported smelling gas as the pool heated up. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.