The Benefits of Ethernet Powerlinks

In this article, we will look at Ethernet Powerlink, a high-speed, digital motionbus solution. It is a software-based industrial Ethernet solution that is designed to increase plant efficiency and minimize wiring costs. Its benefits are described below. It is available from leading manufacturers such as Siemens, ABB, and Honeywell. For more information, visit the ETHERNET POWERLINK Standardization Group. This is an open protocol that can be used with Ethernet.

ETHERNET Powerlink is a high-speed, digital motionbus solution

ETHERNET Powerlink is a powerful motionbus solution that combines the benefits of fieldbus network wiring with the speed and visibility of ETHERNET. This new technology eliminates the need for analog control cables and is modular. It can be deployed in a centralized or decentralized architecture, and it supports real-time performance with microsecond precision. It can also replace traditional +-10V analog control cables.

It is a purely software-based industrial Ethernet solution

A purely software-based industrial Ethernet solution like Powerlinks can provide many advantages over hardware-based solutions. A software-based industrial Ethernet solution allows you to swap out Ethernet hardware while keeping the software stack in place. A critical feature in choosing a software-based industrial Ethernet solution is the experience of the vendor, which should include deployments of deterministic real-time communication nodes. For example, Ethernet Powerlink has deployed close to 200,000 nodes on more than 10,000 machines from 150 machine builders globally.

It increases plant efficiency

While the power industry has many ways to improve its bottom line, efficiency is the most important factor in ensuring long-term financial success. Poorly designed and functioning valves cost power plants billions of dollars in wasted energy every year. Not only does the cost of a failed valve increase the costs of running a power plant, it can also lead to unplanned downtime. Fortunately, there are ways to improve efficiency without breaking the bank.

It reduces wiring

The Powerlink intelligent lighting control system is ideally suited for commercial, institutional, and industrial applications. They reduce the cost of electricity and utility bills by switching branch circuits OFF during non-occupied hours and ON during peak demand periods. The system uses remotely operated circuit breakers to turn branch circuits on and off on a preset time schedule. The switchers can also be activated via externally generated signals such as photocells, access systems, and low voltage wall switches. Furthermore, they can be installed within standard lighting panelboards.

It provides deterministic behavior

Ethernet Powerlink is an extension of the existing Ethernet protocol that provides deterministic behavior. Ethernet has inherent non-determinism due to data collisions, message inquiries, and timing delays introduced by routers. ETHERNET Powerlink achieves determinism by managing network access within allocated time slots. By eliminating such non-deterministic behavior, Powerlinks can eliminate the need for Ethernet switchover and ensure a stable, predictable network performance.

It prevents data collisions

Ethernet POWERLINK is an improved version of Ethernet which can facilitate smooth data transfers between motion control and Internet access. Ethernet relies on point-to-point configuration, and all Ethernet devices connect to a network via an infrastructure component, such as a switch. These devices then exchange data using a MAC address, which is uniquely identified and processed by a destination device. The Ethernet Powerlink standard originated at the field device level and enables smoother data transfers between the two industries.