The Benefits of PowerLink and the Network Processor SRAM Anybus NP40

Ethernet PowerLink is a real-time communication protocol for standard Ethernet. It is managed by the Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group and was introduced in 2001 by the Austrian automation company B&R. This article discusses the benefits of PowerLink and the network processor SRAM Anybus NP40. To learn more, read on. But before we get into powerlinks and powerlocks, let’s take a look at Ethernet.

SRAM PowerLinks

SRAM’s chain engineers have created the PowerLock to make connecting your 10-speed chain as easy as possible. The tool-free connection method ensures the chains will remain connected without any issues. SRAM PowerLinks are easy to install, remove, and adjust. But how do they work? Read on to learn more about them. Listed below are some of the benefits and features of SRAM PowerLinks. They can help you choose the perfect bike chain for your riding needs.

SRAM PowerLinks are compatible with Shimano chains and fit the same number of speeds. Compared to other quick links, they are easier to install and secure. The PowerLink is also made of two pieces: an outer plate and a pin. The pins latch into holes on the other half of the Powerlink. Each piece contains a “head” that sits in an inset of the other plate. If you want to remove the head, you have to press the plates inward.

SRAM PowerLocks

Chain engineers at SRAM created SRAM PowerLocks to provide an easy way to connect and disconnect your 10 speed chain. This tool-free chain connection system is a surefire way to connect a 10-speed chain. With no tools required, PowerLocks are a simple, tool-free way to attach and disconnect your chain. They are the only way to secure a chain to a bike without a wrench.

Chain joining links made by SRAM are tool-free and come with a chain ring. They are compatible with most chains and are available in a range of colors and materials. Each pair of SRAM PowerLocks comes with two complete sets. These are perfect for road and MTB use. However, there is no guarantee that the SRAM PowerLocks will remain the same. For this reason, it is important to check the manufacturer’s website regularly to ensure they will continue to meet your expectations.

SRAM CompactCom 40-series

The HMS CompactCom 40-series and Integrated Ethernet hub enable communication between industrial devices and networks. The NP40 chip implements Ring redundancy and profile implementation on POWERLINK, providing a single-chip solution in all formats. Users can upgrade their CompactCom 40-series powerlinks firmware to connect to a new Ethernet network. Several features of these devices make them a great choice for industrial applications.

SRAM Anybus NP40 network processor

SRAM is introducing a new powerlink and industrial network processor, the Anybus NP40, at a series of trade shows in the US and Europe. Designed to handle high-performance, low-power industrial Ethernet applications, the Anybus NP40 features an ARM core with FPGA fabric for synchronous cyclic messaging. The processor supports PROFINET IRT, Powerlink, EtherCAT, Sercos III, and Ethernet. The processor is built upon technology from Microsemi Inc. to provide performance and low power consumption in a single chip.

The Anybus NP40 supports multiple industrial networks and can be easily integrated into industrial devices. The NP40 is available in chip, brick, and module formats, allowing users to select the integration level best suited for their application needs. With its high-performance capabilities, the Anybus NP40 can support a wide range of applications, including industrial IoT, robotics, and industrial control.