The Benefits of Recycling Soap

There are countless benefits of recycling soap. Considering that 5 million bars of soap are thrown away each day by hotels in the developing world, this can be a significant problem. Samir Lakhani, an Unilever Young Entrepreneur, has found a solution to the problem by turning this waste into affordable Eco-Soaps that not only save the environment but also provide jobs for local women. And, by making these products affordable, everyone can afford to use good hygiene.

Clean the World

To make their products more environmentally friendly, Clean the World has taken the concept of sustainable hygiene to the next level. They are now recycling everything from soap to shampoo and lotion bottles, and even plastic bottles! To date, Clean the World has recycled 988 pounds of plastic and 988 pounds of waste. The used soap is melted and made into new soap bars, which are distributed to 55 countries! It’s simple to see why these soap bars are so important!

One of the best ways to combat this problem is to donate used soap to Clean the World. These recycled soap bars are the most effective way to fight hygiene-related diseases. They are also a great way to give back to the environment, as the three-ounce bar can be used for up to 100 hand washings! This helps prevent the spread of diseases and reduces the risk of contracting disease. Clean the World has an incredible track record of helping the planet and saving lives!

Diversey’s Soap for Hope

Diversey’s Soap For Hope recycling soap initiative has made a significant impact in Cambodia, where the company’s programs are underway. The program works with local nonprofits to create jobs and educate communities about the benefits of handwashing and sanitary practices. Diversey’s Soap for Hope recycling soap initiative first launched in Cambodia in 2013, and today there are over 500 participating hotels in 39 countries. To date, the company has collected 2,623 tons of soap waste from 540 partner hotels, resulting in 21.4 million bars of recycled soap.

As part of the Soap For Hope program, Diversey works with an NGO called Doctors For You to recycle used hotel soaps. Using an innovative cold-press method, these recycled soaps are reprocessed into new bars. The recycled soap is distributed to communities in need, creating jobs and providing a livelihood opportunity. In addition, the program also trains community members to recycle hotel soap.

Derreck’s soap factory

When he was 10 years old, Derreck Kayongo emigrated from Uganda to the United States. Now a successful entrepreneur, he founded the Global Soap Project, which recycles soap from hotels around the world. His company processes these scraps and distributes them to countries in need. His organization’s mission is to promote global health and environmental sustainability. The Global Soap Project also distributes soap bars to underprivileged populations around the world.

The concept of recycling soap caught on when Derreck was a guest at a hotel. He noticed that left-over soap bars were being thrown out. After he drafted the mechanism, he approached Vicki Gordon, Vice-President of InterContinental Hotels, and presented his idea. She quickly saw potential for the venture and supported it. Later, Derreck presented the idea to the Georgia Hotel Association, which approved the project, and thirteen hotels signed on immediately.

Hilton’s Your Soap Saves Lives Box

The Soap Saves Lives Box provides all the items needed to assemble hygiene kits. It includes smaller display boxes, a larger box for shipping, and trash bags to collect the discarded materials. The box also includes t-shirts for the recipients. It’s an easy way to help those in need while doing your part to recycle soap. Hilton is donating all remaining soap from their Memphis hotel to charities around the world.

The Soap Saves Lives Box is a product of Clean the World, a nonprofit organization that has distributed over nine million bars of soap to communities in need. They’re responsible for reducing the death rate among children under five from diarrheal diseases and acute respiratory infections. They developed the Soap Saves Lives Box program to encourage individuals and groups to donate hygiene products. This program has been successful, and it has already collected over one million pounds of partially used soap.


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly recycling solution, consider donating your used soap and other beauty products to TerraCycle. The company collects used soap refill packaging and recycles it to create new products like trash cans, coolers, and even guitar strings! The company accepts more than 30 types of waste and is dedicated to reducing waste by finding innovative ways to recycle it. The company is committed to improving the environment while protecting local communities by reducing the amount of soap that goes to landfills.

You can recycle liquid soap bottles by sending them in empty containers to any participating TerraCycle drop-off location. There is no need to remove the label, either. Plastic liquid soap packets can’t be recycled curbside, as they are made from mixed materials. Fortunately, TerraCycle accepts these materials at drop-off locations and mail-in facilities. Soap and other dry materials can also be recycled with TerraCycle, but be sure to check your recycling guidelines.