The Benefits of Self Storage in England

The primary reason for renting a self storage unit is to move home. While the volume of residential property transactions in the UK is rising, a higher proportion of domestic customers are planning to return. The average duration of a self storage rental is a few months, so many customers often find themselves needing longer storage than they initially expected. This can lead to the need to store additional items in an extra storage unit, or even move homes for the same reason.


The Self Storage Association of the UK is the trade association for the self storage industry in England. The association works to increase industry standards, develop best practices, and raise public awareness of the benefits of self storage. Membership has grown to nearly 500 storage operators and suppliers across the country. Members attend regional meetings and hold annual conferences. Here are some of the benefits of self storage. In addition to fostering self storage standards, the SSA UK promotes safe and secure storage environments.


FEDESSA stands for the Federation of European Self Storage Associations. It is an organization that represents self storage associations and industry members from across Europe, including the Self Storage Association in the United Kingdom. The association’s mission is to position the self storage industry as a responsible partner while also encouraging the growth and development of the sector. The association hosts the European Self Storage Conference and Trade Show every two years, which is attended by more than 5,000 self storage industry professionals.

Rodger Dudding

If you have ever wondered how someone earns more than $50 million a year with his empire of self storage facilities, you’re in luck. Rodger Dudding is one such individual. His business is based out of London, and his company earns over $12 million per year. Dudding owns more than 12,000 garages and self storage units throughout England. He’s also an avid collector of vintage cars, and is said to own more than 400 classic vehicles.

Big Yellow Self Storage

Big Yellow Self Storage in England is a name that is widely recognized as providing safe, secure and flexible self storage for a variety of purposes. The company was founded in 1998 and operates a platform of 105 principally freehold self storage facilities in the United Kingdom. 24 of these stores operate under the Armadillo brand. The company plans to continue expanding in the coming years. To find the nearest location, just enter the postal code into a search box.


A global real estate investment management firm has purchased ten Space Station self-storage properties in England. Heitman purchased these facilities off-market on behalf of Sunsuper, a superannuation fund in Australia. The company plans to expand the portfolio and increase storage density throughout the target region. The company already manages more than $5 billion in self-storage assets worldwide. Heitman’s latest acquisition, the acquisition of Rent-A-Space Shrewsbury, will help the firm expand its Space Station platform in the region.

Store & Secure

With over 800 self storage facilities across the UK, it’s easy to find a location that’s right for your business. Many businesses use storage containers to run operations, either in-house or using the internet. But what’s so great about self storage that it’s now such a popular choice for businesses? Here are some of its main benefits. This is where you’ll get peace of mind.

Rodger Dudding’s collection of classic cars

Rodger Dudding’s car collection is one of the largest in Europe, spanning over 450 different models. Dudding’s car collection includes everything from a pre-war Morris Minor to the Audi convertible Princess Diana drove to the White House. In addition to his collection of classic cars, he also owns circa 14,000 properties in England. While you may be tempted to visit the Dudding Collection of Classic Cars, it is not for the faint of heart.

Increasing awareness of self-storage in the UK

Despite increasing consumer awareness, consumer perception of self-storage is still relatively low. This creates an attractive backdrop for future growth. The survey found that 50% of consumers had never heard of self-storage operators. Although consumer perception of self-storage has risen, the number of new self-storage operators is still limited. The survey found that people in the East are more likely to recognise self-storage facilities than those in the West.