The Best Self Storage Facilities in Seoul

Whether you’re relocating for business or pleasure, a self storage unit is a convenient, safe, and affordable way to store your belongings. There are numerous facilities, including StorHub, Culture Station, Red Dot, Extra Space Asia, and other local companies. In addition to their self storage facilities, they offer moving and packing supplies and services. Read on to find out more about the options available to you.


StorHub Seoul Self Storage opened its first facility in Korea at the bottom of Hanwha Galleria Foret. Located near the famous Seoul Forest, the new facility offers reliable and secure storage solutions for people from different walks of life. With more than 700 premium lockers and 24 hour access, the facility aims to satisfy the storage needs of people from different walks of life. Here are some facts about the company and the new location:

o Security and privacy are top priorities. All StorHub facilities are secured with state-of-the-art security systems to protect valuable items and keep customer information confidential. Regular pest control is conducted to ensure a safe and secure storage facility. Temperatures and humidity are maintained at comfortable levels. All facilities are staffed with friendly storage specialists to assist customers. They will make sure your storage needs are met, and answer any questions you may have.

Extra Space Asia

With more people living in smaller and more expensive homes, it’s hard to get enough space for everything. But, when you have an Extra Space Asia – Seoul Self Storage facility, you won’t have to worry about running out of space to keep your belongings. The convenience of being able to access your items at your convenience makes it an attractive option. The following are some reasons why you might want to take advantage of self-storage facilities.

First and foremost, Extra Space Asia is a regional leader in self-storage solutions. With over 1,850 facilities across 43 states and Washington, D.C., Extra Space Asia has a presence in the South Pacific region, including Seoul. The company also has facilities in Singapore and Malaysia, as well as Seoul. Extra Space Asia has been an active leader in the self-storage industry since its founding in 2007.

Red Dot

The most notable negative about Red Dot Self Storage in Seoul is that there is nobody on site. It doesn’t feel secure. It also feels like the facility owners have a vested interest in taking your valuables, which makes it difficult to end your lease. I had a 10×25 unit for five months. Renting the unit was easy, and there was no one there to ask me to leave, so I felt that the facility was unsafe.

Renting a storage unit can be an excellent way to de-clutter your home and free up some space. This facility is located at 211 Maddox-Simpson Pkwy. You can view pictures of the units and find out what amenities it offers. You can also call to learn more about the facility’s amenities and pricing. The location is also convenient, so you can walk over there to drop off your things.

Culture Station

Located in the city of Seoul, Culture Station is a multi-cultural space. The building, which was once the site of Seoul Station, was renovated and is home to various cultural programs, performances, and workshops. The brand identity of the facility was designed by S/O Project in 2011 and has been continually evolving. This site combines traditional and contemporary culture to create a unique, welcoming, and memorable place for visitors. The branding is both modern and traditional, reflecting the diversity of the city.

After eight years, the Culture Station at Seoul Self Storage has become a landmark in the city, offering a unique experience for visitors. The building is decorated with a colorful mural depicting the ancient Korean dance. It also houses an exhibition hall where historical items found during the renovation process are displayed. This unique space has plenty to offer for visitors, and the staff at Culture Station are ready to answer any questions. The center provides a unique, convenient, and safe place for customers to store their personal items.

Safex travel center

You might be wondering how to store your luggage in Seoul. You can visit the Safex travel center in Seoul Self Storage to store your luggage. It is a great option if you have heavy suitcases that you want to store at a convenient location. The storage facility offers both 24-hour surveillance and 24-hour access to your luggage. You can also store your luggage for as little as four hours if you need more time.

You’ll find many convenient travel services at the airports and at the airport, including Express Train package tickets and short-term storage. There are also convenient options for hotel and airport check-ins. You can also find various types of luggage storage in Seoul. Safex, Travel Store, and RAON are among the companies you can trust to store your belongings. Here, you can even use a free SIM card to use the services.


You can find StashPoint in Seoul Station’s safex travel center. You can rent a locker for up to 2 hours for around 2000 krw. The tariff depends on size, from small to large, and goes up to W12,000/day. The facility is open daily from 8am to 9pm. Seoul Station has numerous safex travel centers throughout the city, as well. For a more convenient location, look for a store that offers short-term storage.