The Birth of a Blessing

The Spiritual Birth is similar to natural birth, and the author makes that comparison clear. The author takes you on a journey as you learn how God works through you and in you. This book will strengthen your faith in God as you witness the process. It is a great read for anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of others. You will be encouraged and strengthened as you embark on this new journey of faith. Read the book today to begin the new life that is waiting for you!

Creating henna bracelets

For thousands of years, people have used henna to mark important transitions in their lives. This can include a change from unmarried to married, from not a mother to a mother, or from school to adulthood. The tradition of henna for pregnant women is also a popular ritual, a community gathering, or a modern adaptation of Native American ceremonies.

For the pregnancy party, expectant women can paint their bellies with the traditional henna. For this activity, they can use non-toxic body paint. Then, guests can draw designs on the belly. In the end, the pregnant mother and baby will share a circle where they can share stories that have influenced them, from their lives as parents, to their positive experiences during the pregnancy.

The traditional use of henna dates back 5000 years to the Middle East, India, and Pakistan. It is a natural plant dye with cooling properties, which makes it a popular choice for weddings, baptisms, and other celebrations. People of the desert have long used henna paste to control their body temperature. Crushed leaves of the henna plant are mixed with water and other ingredients, including lemon, various essential oils, and other spices. When this mixture oxidizes on the skin, the dye molecules come out.

Planning a mother’s blessing

A Mother’s Blessing is an excellent way to honor your mom’s spirit and spiritual preparation for childbirth. The atmosphere and mood of your Mother’s Blessing should reflect this. Natural light and semi-darkness are appropriate environments for a Mother’s Blessing. Choose decorations that reflect the nature of the occasion, such as fresh cut flowers, an evergreen garland, or a candle burning in a special room.

The size of the Mother’s Blessing can vary widely. Some women enjoy the attention of only their partners or a small group of close friends. Other women feel stronger with a large crowd of supportive friends and relatives. If the latter is the case, keep the number of attendees to no more than fifteen people. More than that will make the event awkward. The number of guests should be appropriate for the nature of the occasion, but no more.

Bringing blessed water to the hospital

Taking blessed water to the hospital after the birth of a blessing has become a common practice among Christians. During a blessing of the newborn, a priest or religious leader would pray over the water, which is often ordinary water. Other practices include the use of blessed sand or olive oil. Depending on the faith and tradition, the water and oil could be used once or continually throughout the pregnancy. Both the water and the oil are believed to be the vehicles used by the Holy Spirit to make an impact. In some cases, women recite bible verses while praying over blessed water.

At Sierra View Medical Center, a new program called Baby Blessing has been introduced for new parents who want to make their baby’s arrival spiritually special. Upon request, the chaplaincy department will contact the nursing staff and invite a member of the Chaplaincy Team to join the new mom and baby for a prayer. The new mom and baby will be blessed and marked as a “blessed” one, a tradition that has been practiced since ancient times.

Becoming a blessing

We’ve all heard about Abraham being blessed. The blessing didn’t change his life. But being blessed means much more than receiving a material gift from God. It means being a blessing to others. As Christians, we are called to be blessing machines. Here are four ways we can become blessing machines:

Become a blessing to others by helping others. Blessings are many. Some are big, while others are small. Blessings make other people’s lives better. For example, Mary Jane may need babysitting services. You may offer to do this, and Mary Jane will be grateful. By being a blessing, you will make others feel more comfortable with God, and will be a blessing to others.