The Business Model For Non-Face-To-Face Vouchers


You may have heard of the Non-face-to-face Vouchers, but what exactly is this business model? You can read more about these companies in this article. This technology is being used by various Korean companies for business purposes. The business model for Non-face-to-face Vouchers has been widely adopted by the Korean people. Here are some of them:


Until recently, businesses used paper receipts for corporate card expenses. They were collected, attached to documents, and submitted to the financial accounting team. But with BizPlay, these paper receipts have been replaced by electronic proofs. This non-face-to-face solution is ideal for companies that operate from home or don’t have physical office space. Furthermore, 90% of the usage fee of the system is funded by the government.

As the Korean government continues to push non-face-to-face solutions, Gurumi has received the nod as a supplier for the K-non-face-to-face voucher business. The company plans to supply its on-contact video platform to small and medium-sized businesses through the voucher program. The service will help companies transition to non-face-to-face work environments and support domestic SMEs by investing up to 90% of the cost of the recommended solution. Gurumi is a video communications solution company with more than 1,000 domestic clients who are using Gurumi as a means to communicate.
Naver Works

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have started working from remote locations. In response to the challenge, many solutions have been proposed, including Naver Cloud, which ties together the business apps owned by NAVER. This cloud-based solution also expands options to users. Within two months of launch, it secured major customers from each field. But what is the best part? If you’re interested in using the service, here are some benefits to consider.

Naver’s video platform

As a leading service provider, Naver will soon launch a cloud video platform. This is expected to revolutionize the way people shop for their favorite products. The K-non-face-to-face service voucher project has been in operation since September last year and is designed to boost domestic demand for such solutions and facilitate the transition of domestic SMEs to non-face-to-face work environments. In addition, the project will provide 90% of the cost of the recommended solution, as well as promote overseas expansion based on domestic performance.
BizPlay’s electronic proofs

In the past, a corporate card expense was recorded with a paper receipt, which was then submitted to the financial accounting team. Today, BizPlay’s non-face-to-face voucher solution is replacing this process with an electronic proof. It can process the entire expense expenditure management process. The company offers up to 40% discount on the initial fee and a flat rate no matter how many users you have. Furthermore, you can get groupware services for your business for free, including electronic payment, bulletin board, schedule management, and expense expenditure management.

K-non-face-to-face service voucher

The K-non-face-to-service voucher project was launched in September last year, supporting the transition of domestic SMEs to a non-face-to-face work environment by providing subsidies up to 90% of the cost of the recommended solution. Moreover, the program is expected to encourage overseas expansion based on domestic performance. As such, the Korean government is introducing a variety of innovative ways to encourage companies to offer non-face-to-face service vouchers.