The Department of Psychology at Georgetown University

The Department of Psychology is a highly reputable academic program, with a distinguished faculty of researchers who are committed to advancing the field. Faculty members in the department are recognized for their high levels of achievement, and for their strong commitment to teaching and community service. The graduate programs in psychology are structured so that students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a variety of settings, including clinical settings. In addition, graduate programs emphasize the ethical dimensions of psychologists’ conduct.

Students in the Department of Psychology study the science of behavior and explore ways to improve the human condition. Many students pursue careers in clinical health psychology, which investigates the mental processes associated with illness. Cognitive psychology studies neural and cognitive mechanisms, as well as memory and problem-solving processes. School psychology assesses and intervenes in mental health and behavior problems among children and adolescents. Finally, social psychology studies the interaction between individuals and their environment. Psychology is a diverse field, with a wide variety of professional fields and careers.

Students interested in studying psychology can find scholarship opportunities by participating in Psi Chi, a worldwide honor society for psychology students. Many psychology students attend Psi Chi conferences, which are a good way to network and get involved with research. Moreover, many people who are interested in the field can attend talks and conferences by leading experts and researchers. Whether you are interested in psychology or education, you can find an appropriate course in the Department of Psychology at Georgetown University.

A student who has dedicated herself to diversity has been named the Department of Psychology’s December Student of the Month. She serves as the Diversity Chair for her sorority and is committed to selecting programming that will increase awareness of diversity in the campus community. Additionally, she tutors other Psychology students and serves as an undergraduate TA for two psychology courses. And she is a winner of the Whitcome Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship! All of these activities make her an excellent candidate for a prestigious graduate program in Psychology.

Undergraduate research projects in the Department of Psychology help students apply what they learn in class to a real-world problem. Undergraduate research projects also allow students to develop valuable problem-solving skills and find a mentor. These skills will be valuable in graduate school, and a psychology major opens the door to many different opportunities. A graduate degree in psychology is an excellent investment in future career prospects and salary. However, the field differs from psychiatry, which focuses on treating and curing mental illnesses.