The Difference Between Clinches and Out Boxing

If you are new to the sport, you may be wondering what the difference between clinches and out boxing is. In this article, we will look at some of the characteristics of clinches and out boxing and their respective techniques. There are also some key aspects to remember about out boxing and the techniques used to counter it. In addition, we’ll go over some of the best combos for both clinches and out boxing.


Out-Boxing is a style of boxing in which the fighter stays outside of his opponent, attempting to maintain a distance. A good example of an out-boxer is Muhammad Ali, who often circled around his opponents and threw mostly straights and jabs. Because of this, out-boxers are often at a disadvantage against in-fighters and swarmers. Likewise, out-boxers have difficulty defending themselves from short-range opponents.

The fundamentals of out-boxing are simple: the out-boxer must maintain a distance to avoid being tagged by his opponent. This means he must use his quick feet to slip and duck away from his opponent, avoiding the opponent’s attacks. To achieve this, the out-boxer must be quick and have long reach. While this may sound like a tedious job, it’s actually one of the most rewarding aspects of this style.


The most notable Out Boxing characteristics are the speed, strength and endurance of the practitioner. A successful Out-Boxer will be able to maintain an advantage in distance is an essential part of this style. An Out-Boxer is likely to land several straight blows to the head and torso, but he will also launch hooks and uppercuts. Generally, an Out-Boxer will win by decision.

The out-boxer uses his height and arm reach to gain an advantage in distance. In addition, the out-boxer will use constant jabs to wear down an opponent. While these techniques may be effective, they are susceptible to counter-attacks and can be beaten quickly if their guard is breached. Out-boxers have an advantage in range and can change their boxing styles to keep their opponents at a distance.


Techniques for out boxing are very different from those for in-ring combat. Out-boxers use two main tactics to control their opponent’s position: speed and agility. They use these attributes to slip and dodge the opponent’s blows. In addition, they use their strength to keep their opponents at a distance, and they utilize a variety of uppercuts and hooks to extend their range. To learn more about this unique fighting style, sign up for our free email newsletter.

While the fundamentals of boxing are the same, you can always improve your performance. You must adapt your defense to your opponent’s offense and use a variety of tactics and techniques. Learning new strategies and techniques is the only way to keep up with your opponent. This article will introduce some techniques you can use to stay in range and outflank your opponent. By mastering these, you will be on the right track to improving your skills.


Regardless of whether you are a newbie or an advanced competitor, you can benefit from learning some of the most basic and effective Out Boxing combos. These moves require you to focus on angles and patterns, and will help you improve your overall boxing fitness. To start, consider using a dominant side leg kick. This kick will slow your opponent down while setting a pattern. When your opponent is slowed down, switch to head kicks.

The same principle applies to the left uppercut, which is similar to the left hook, but reaches your opponent from a downward angle. This move will surprise him and pop his head, making it easier to land the right hand finish. If you want to be more advanced, consider adding a second kick to the combination. It’s a good idea to keep practicing your combos even when you’re not in the gym.


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Kemii Sanchez

Kemii Sanchez is a former Marine Drill Instructor. He served for ten years and helped form the Marine Corps Boxing Team. He is a member of the Marine Corps Hall of Fame. Born in Puerto Rico, Sanchez began boxing as a child and was bullied. He later joined Lights Out Boxing, which teaches boxing and self-defense. Smith said he is proud of Sanchez’s dedication and hard work.

In September 2017, Sanchez became a professional and knocked out John Thorton in 92 seconds. In 2018, he fought nine times, winning seven times and stopping seven opponents. Because of his speed and relative size disadvantage, Sanchez has earned the nickname “The Cuban Flash.”