The Different Types of Love

Love is a strong emotion, but it also has many polar opposites. Some people consider love to be the greatest thing in the world, while others consider it to be the worst thing. The line between love and hate is often thin, as these strong emotions reside in the same area of the brain. However, love persists in all corners of the world, and it’s important to understand the complexities of both types of love. Read on to discover what makes love so great.

Passionate love

As the strongest emotion, passion can overwhelm a person. This feeling often results in an unhealthy relationship. The intensity of love can also be overwhelming, and this is what often leads people to cling to toxic relationships. Passionate love can be one of the best experiences of a person’s life, but it can also be the most damaging. Learn to recognize the symptoms of passionate love in a relationship, and avoid falling into this trap.

Companionate love

Often, couples are married for a long time and are experiencing companionate love. This type of love may have been intense at the beginning, but has since dwindled as the relationship has become more mature. Sternberg’s seven types of love were born out of his study of human nature. By understanding these types, you can better evaluate your relationship and determine if it has long-term potential. Below, we discuss each type of love and why it is important to be able to differentiate between them.

Selfless love

This song by the Rolling Stones has one of the best lyrics in music history. It illustrates how a selfless love is a compromise. Selfless love considers the needs of others above your own. It does not judge or take sides. It simply looks for ways to make the other person’s life better. If you love someone enough to sacrifice your own desires for them, then you are living the selfless life. But this kind of love is not easy to practice.

Playful love

The Greeks described the Ludus as a young lover or child, and the Romans defined it as a kind of sport. Lovers of this type view love as a game, and will be proud of their multiple conquests. However, they will have a hard time committing to just one person. That’s where playfulness comes in. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be the case! Here are four signs of a love that is playful and fun for all involved.

Enduring love

Unlike passionate, exciting love, enduring love is an abiding, pervasive experience. It is the strength of your heart, which can face, endure, and serve anything that is placed in front of it. The New Revelation from God provides this kind of love. But before we explore the meaning and value of enduring love, let’s consider the characteristics of it. And how does it differ from other forms of love? This article provides some helpful insights.