The Different Types of Love

Intimate deep affection for another person is referred to as love. However, the word love has many other meanings as both a noun and verb. Love is an extremely powerful emotion that you’ll do just about anything for. It is the complete opposite of hate. A person who feels deeply in love with another human being will go to extremes to protect that person. In fact, it is the strongest emotion a human being can experience.


What is the difference between eros and agape in love? Both involve being outside of oneself, and neither is mutually exclusive. In fact, eros and agape are both forms of human love. The Latins of Hellenic origin differentiated between the two with precise vocabulary. While eros seeks the lover, agape tends to be in service of others. In other words, eros is the natural state of love, while agape tends to be the effusion of being and acts towards another person or object.


Manic love is a type of love where people are obsessed or preoccupied with one person. They tend to engage with others more impulsively and indiscriminately than usual. They may even start new hobbies or projects, but these interests are only present when they are manic. In addition, these individuals are often self-centered and full of themselves. They are so infatuated with their partner that they often ignore all other aspects of their relationships.


Platonic love is not a romance, though there are some similarities. Both types of relationships rely on a deeper understanding of one another. As such, you can be vulnerable and share your personal experiences. Obviously, you do not have to share intimate details, but it is important to be honest and open with each other. Platonic relationships are also often more honest, since both partners are open about their feelings and opinions. If you are feeling attracted to your partner, you may want to avoid touching or kissing or discussing sex. However, you should still watch what you say and how you treat your partner.


The game of Storge on love is not just about having sex and getting your partner to agree to all of your wishes. It’s also about dressing well and giving gifts that your partner will appreciate. And if you’re not sure how to go about pursuing this kind of love, read this article. We’ll explain the different philosophies behind this game, and we’ll show you some tips to make your love last.

Person love

The feeling of deep, passionate love is often accompanied by feelings of physical arousal, including shortness of breath and a heightened heart rate. On the other hand, companionate love is characterized by feelings of affection and warmth. While the intensity of love may vary from person to person, both love and affection are a sign of an intense bond. Although these feelings are not mutually exclusive, loving someone deeply often leads to intense feelings for others.

Commitment to love

Making a commitment to love is a very strong emotion that can guide you through both good and bad times. Love is an emotion that is based on an emotional state, but it is not something that can be controlled or even managed. Ultimately, commitment is a conscious decision, which is why making one is so important. However, it is important to remember that there is a risk involved when you make a commitment. If you make the wrong choice, you may end up lonely and heartbroken.