The Different Types of Love

We are all aware of the four different types of love, philia, eros, and agape. But what does each of these types of love really mean? The following article will explore these concepts and how they affect the way we think and act. It will also provide a better understanding of why love is so important in our lives. You might be surprised to learn that each of them are different and important. So how do you decide which one is right for you?


Agape for love is a biblical concept that describes God’s unconditional love. Often used to refer to God’s love for humanity, agape is a universal and healthy form of love. When you love someone, you put them before yourself. The definition of agape is “self-sacrificing love.”


A new LGBT series in the Philippines is about to break the mold for a traditional love story. The series’ premise is to promote equality, justice, and normalizing queer love among Filipinos. The main character, a lesbian, is confronted with her sexuality and the social stigma associated with it. It is a welcome change from traditional romantic comedies, which portray heterosexual couples in a stereotypical way.


The Greek God of Love, Eros, is a great example of how love can be symbolized by art. He is said to have willed the love of a mortal to a god. In one story, Eros willed the love of the god Jason to the princess Medea. Hera asked him to do so. His power of will has been used to inspire mortals to love and be loved.


The Bible contains a number of passages about love and its many variations. The concept of brotherly love, or phileo, is perhaps the most frequent and central one. In this context, the word phileo means to like or be fond of someone. It is a love that is natural, reciprocal, relational, and is the result of a person’s soul’s elevation. Phileo love is a special kind of love that is expressed through friendship, brotherly love, and unconditionally giving and receiving affection.


In the Hebrew Bible, the word for “love” is ahabah, which means “friend.” The word storge is Greek for “tribal love.” Likewise, the term ahabah refers to a close relationship between people. The Hebrew word for love is ahabah. Here’s what you can expect to find when you study the Bible: