The Gongjin Effect


Cao Cao

The Han dynasty was crumbling, and Cao was determined to expand his power through short-term and regional wars. He seized control of the Emperor, defeated warlords, captured territory, and became a major force in the centre/north. Eventually, the Gongjin effect resulted in the formation of the Jin dynasty (206 BCE), and the Qing dynasty (1911-1327 CE).

The Gongjin effect is a phenomenon triggered by the emergence of a new class system in China. The new class system was based on a new system of nine-level ranking for court officials, which continued into several later dynasties. The system was designed to exploit officials’ connections in the local area and favour those with connections. Ultimately, this system resulted in the resettlement of peasants in the region, and the Chinese state began to rely on them for income.


After graduating from SNU, Du-sik married and had a baby. He only communicated with his wife, Gam-Ri halmoni, when he was at work. However, when Du-Sik’s baby died, he was nowhere to be seen. This tragic incident caused Du-Sik and Gam-Ri to get divorced. Du-sik’s plight was brought to light by Do-ha, who visited him to give him money.

When Hye Jin is pushed by Ju Ri, he is not in the mood to react to Du Sik. But after the incident, Du-sik catches Hye Jin, allowing her to fall into his arms without reacting. After this incident, Hye Jin realizes that Du-sik has feelings for her. However, his lack of reactions is the catalyst that forces Hye Jin to act out.

Hye-jin becomes jealous when Du-sik begins to miss her. Afterwards, she tries to make up with Du-sik. However, Du-sik doesn’t want to hurt Hye-jin, which makes him decide to leave. As a result, Hye-jin has to make a difficult decision on whether to accept the proposal.

In the film Seong-hyeon and theGongjin effect, a college senior, Ji Seong-hyun, wants to shoot a reality show in the local town of Gongjin, where he met his friend Du-sik. They become friends over the years, and Hye-jin becomes their new love interest after bumping into an old college classmate who is a producer of a hugely successful reality show.

The two become close friends, and Ji Seong-hyeon, a successful TV director, is a devoted friend of Hye-jin. Ji Seong-hyeon was a friend of Hye-jin at university, and he declared his long-time admiration for her. Ji Seong-hyeon’s friend, Du-sik, also shows his love for Hye-jin by pursuing her. Hye-jin and Ji Seong-hyeon, though separated, remain friends, and their strained friendship develops into a genuinely affectionate bond.

Aside from Kim Seon-hyeon, the cast of the show is equally diverse. They include Hye-jin, Du-sik, and Lee Yong Lee. The characters are played by famous actors, including Kim Young-ok, who plays Korea’s National Grandma Kim Young-ok. The actors play the other Gongjin residents, including Oh Cheon-jae, who runs a coffee shop and raises her rebellious teenage daughter Ju-ri.

Yuan Shao

The birthplace of Yuan Shao and the Gongjinkin effect is not known for certain. There are various theories about Yuan Shao’s ancestry. However, he was the son of a noble family. The family was prominent in the Han civil service since the first century CE. His father Yuan Feng was a minister under the Han Empire’s first Emperor, Zhang.