The Meaning of Arrival Scheduled

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Arrival time

An Arrival time scheduled is the time you would like your aircraft to cross a point on the flight path. This is calculated using various factors, including airspace configuration, weather, and other traffic. The results of these calculations are displayed in the Arrival Time Scheduled report. For example, a daily flight from Boston to New York has a scheduled arrival time of 9:25 am. The historical data shows that the arrival time is constant, but the lateness is higher than the earlyness.

Status of a flight

You can check the status of a flight by looking at the real-time map of your destination. If the flight has departed and landed at the destination airport, you can view the exact time that the plane touched down. Alternatively, if the flight is delayed, you can look at the estimated arrival time. Often, you can also check the status of a diverted flight or a canceled flight.

You can check the status of a flight in real-time with the Flight Tracker app. It displays flight numbers, origin and destination, as well as other flight information. Using this app, you can easily monitor the progress of your flight. You can even get updated information about your arrival and departure by simply pressing the corresponding button. To avoid missing your flight, you should check with your airline before leaving for your destination.

International arrivals terminal

The International Arrivals Terminal is located north of the parking structure. A small parking lot is available for international passengers. Another parking option is the Cell Phone Waiting Area. This area provides free parking for thirty minutes. It can be accessed by any type of vehicle. This parking lot is located within the Surface Parking Lot. The airport is also able to provide real-time updates on flight statuses. Please note that the arrival and departure times may be delayed because of border front COVID-19 countermeasures.