The Power of Powerlinks

The majority of Powerlinks customers are small businesses, with sales of less than $50 million. Only 8% are large businesses, and the remaining 15% are medium-sized organizations. Powerlinks customers have various requirements for their online marketing campaigns. These requirements may vary from company to company, but in general, Powerlinks works well for most businesses. Read on to learn more about the power of Powerlinks. In addition, we will examine the company’s customer service, pricing, and billing structure.

POWERLINK G3 Power Supply

Designed to provide voltage to remote circuit breakers, controllers, and control busses, the POWERLINK G3 Power Supply attaches to the interior bus of an NF Panelboard. It takes its line voltage and converts it into separate DC and AC power supplies for the controller and control bus. Available in three different voltage ratings, it is the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications. In addition to providing a clean, stable, and reliable power source, it also provides a convenient way to connect the NF Panelboard to a remote AC power source.

Ethernet Powerlink scheduling mechanism

The Ethernet Powerlink scheduling mechanism imposes a specific time slot for critical data. It uses the IAONA’s Industrial Ethernet Planning and Installation guide to set up its protocols and use 8P8C connectors (commonly known as RJ45 and M12).

Energex transitional charges

In an ongoing effort to improve the customer experience, the AER has approved changes to Energex’s electricity tariffs. These changes are meant to ensure that consumers pay a fair price for their electricity. However, the changes are not yet fully understood by commercial businesses. Energex has been submitting cost requirements to the AER for approval every five years. These changes will not affect the price of electricity for commercial consumers, but they will impact residential customers.


PowerLinks is an advertising technology platform that connects advertisers and buyers of native advertising. This platform is a one-stop-shop for in-content advertising, native advertising, and search marketing. It combines the use of 1st and 3rd party data to deliver highly relevant advertising to consumers. PowerLinks was founded in 2011 and has offices in London and Manchester. The company serves marketers and publishers. It offers a suite of advertising solutions designed to maximize the ROI of each campaign.

Advisory Boards

If you’re an entrepreneur and are interested in joining an Advisory Board at PowerLinks, then this is the event for you. This networking event will include information about open listings, how to write an effective profile, and more. The speakers will include Anita Brattina, Chairman of the Board at PowerLink, and Jane Ann Regan, Principal of Regan Management Consulting. These two businesswomen have a variety of experience and expertise in the energy and facility management field.