The Release of Athens by Epica

The release of Athens by Epica was much anticipated, and with good reason. The symphonic metal powerhouse is provocative, evocative, and the band’s style is unlike anything else on the market. Moreover, it’s the first full-length album from this legendary Brazilian band. But, before we go into that, let’s take a look at the track listing. Let’s see what makes Epica such a legend in this day and age.

Iggy Pop’s music

Known as the Godfather of Punk, Iggy Pop has released eleven albums in fifteen years. His music has been characterized as original, complex, and straight-forward. Some have called it electro-punk; others have called it rap-punk. But he is still one of Pop’s favorite groups. These tracks will remind you of a time when hip-hop and punk ruled the music world.

Although Iggy Pop may not be a household name in Greece, he remains an iconic figure in the music world. The Grandfather of Punk rock has worked with some of the greatest artists of all time. Josh Homme, the lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys, was the artist Iggy Pop worked with on his 2016 album, Post Pop Depression. This collaboration is a perfect example of his ability to bring artists of all types to the stage.

New Order

The New Order in Athens was born out of the need for a better democracy. In the early fourth century BCE, the middle class and lower class gained direct political voice during the transition from tyranny to democracy. This class included the landowning farmers, artisans, and the thetes. These groups held political offices and engaged in a variety of other activities. This political activity took place in the agora, the popular assembly, the Council of Five Hundred, and even on the stage.


This week, Clutch will kick off a festival tour and headline dates across Europe. They will also co-headline the US summer tour with Killswitch Engage. The band’s next US festival appearance will be at the curated Earth Rocker Festival in Inwood, WV, from July 12-August 4.

Since forming in 1991, Clutch has gained a loyal fan base and a strong following on the international music scene. With over one hundred live shows each year, they are one of the most recognizable rock exports from Maryland. The band also makes an important dent in the commercial world with their music, which has sold millions of albums worldwide. This concert is sure to be an unforgettable experience! But what can you expect from this Clutch release?


It’s not hard to see why a band named Manowar would choose to record a new album. The band formed in 1980, transformed the metal scene, and built a legacy through their relentless dedication and determination. Their music is a powerful soundtrack to the band’s life story and is a celebration of the individual audacity and the spirit of community. They have earned numerous gold records and headlined over 35 world tours.

For their return to Athens, Manowar will present “The Revenge of Odysseus” during Release Athens 2022. This new album is inspired by the epic poem by Homer. It includes songs from the poem, as well as dialogue between the two main characters, Telemachus and Odysseus. The band is already a familiar sight to Greek fans, but it’s a treat to be reunited with old friends at the festival.

Alice in Chains

In addition to the recent release of Athens, Alice in Chains are also working on a new album. The group released their last album, Facelift, in 2015. The band recently toured with Ozzy. Here, guitarist Wesley Willis shares his memories of the tour. Also, he discusses touring with Ozzy during the 1990 Clash of the Titans tour, as well as the 1992 SAP tour.

In Athens, Alice In Chains will play the Release Festival. Fans can expect heavy rock, with influences from 1000mods and Fu Manchu. Among other bands that will perform in Athens include Deftones, Muse, and Depeche Mode. Aside from Alice in Chains, the lineup of the festival will feature Fu Manchu and 1000mods. These bands will be playing a range of music from stoner rock to heavy metal.


If you’re looking for a rock band with a strong alternative sound, then you’ve come to the right place. Athens, Greece, will be the perfect place for Disturbed. The band has a lineup that includes Alice In Chains, Fu Manchu, and more. Their alterantive rock will leave you screaming in the aisles. Fans will also be entertained by the riffs and melodika perasmata of songs like “Woke Up In Babel”.

The Chicago-based metal band Disturbed will headline day six of the Release Athens festival on June 30. Members of the group include vocalist David Draiman, guitarist/keyboardist Dan Donegan, and drummer Mike Wengren. Disturbed has released seven studio albums, with five consecutive debuts on the Bill 200. Its latest album, “Irrespective of The Way I Feel,” was released in late 2018. The band’s performance is part of the Release Athens festival, which takes place every year on the Athenian coast.