The Sewerage Act and the Administrative Process Act

Under the sewerage act, the Authority has the right to lay the sewer on land not part of a street. However, the Authority must compensate the landowners for any damage or injurious affection that the sewer has caused. In such cases, a dispute may arise between the Authority and the landowners. In such cases, the dispute shall be referred to arbitration. In these cases, the Authority has the right to lay the sewer on land other than the street or the lane.

Power of Authority to erect, maintain and supply with water from public stand-pipes

The Administrative Process Act provides that a public body has the right to review the authority’s decision to erect, maintain and supply with drinking water from a public stand-pipe. If a public body does not follow this rule, it may have grounds for appeal under the Administrative Process Act. The process of appealing such a decision should be based on the rules set forth in the Administrative Procedure Act.

Power of Authority to carry out necessary works of maintenance, repair or re-newal of its street sewers

The power of the Authority to carry out necessary works of maintenance, repairs or renewal of its street sewers provides the authority to do any work necessary for the provision of water supply, drainage and storm water management. The Authority may charge a fee for the use of its facilities, and may impose additional costs for repairs or restoration. The charges will be based on the Authority’s fee schedule and policy.

This power provides that the Authority shall designate an authorized sewer inspector for each area. This person must be present during the inspection and approval of the building sewer. The sewer inspector may enter any building receiving sewer service only during daylight hours. The Authority can recoup costs related to decontamination, interference and pass-through. The combined sewer system, however, can lead to blockages in the sanitary sewer system.

Power of Authority to grant licences to sanitary constructors

In addition to the statutory powers granted by this Act, the PHA also has a staggered schedule for the renewal of sanitary constructor licenses. This section relates to the staggered license renewals. This provision is especially useful in cases where there are multiple sanitary constructors. The PHA also aims to promote competition among sanitary constructors. However, one important aspect of the Act that is still under scrutiny is Sec. 21a-10 (b).