The Shackman Group and Maernath Storage Offer Small Rental Warehouse Spaces

The Shackman Group and Maernath Storage are two companies that offer small rental warehouse spaces. If you’re looking for a small rental warehouse for your business, you may want to consider a month-to-month lease. Alternatively, you can also find a warehouse landlord who will offer a discount for long-term tenants. In any case, you should research the rental costs and terms before signing on the dotted line.

Maernath Storage

Maernath Storage is a small rental warehouse west of the Way of the Dragon, on the comer of Slut Street and Candle Lane. It is rumored to be the hangout of thieves and cutthroats, but is in fact a popular haunt for sailors and visitors. Despite its name, there are only a few tables and a few mismatched stools.

There is also a secret door hidden in the western wall, accessed by pressing a particular knothole. The door pivots out, allowing escapees to roll out onto the southern slope of the Maernath Storage roof, only visible to those residing in the alley behind Thirsty Throat. The crypt is only accessible at dawn, when the entire building closes and locks all outside entrances. Bulaedo wants to prevent robbers from entering while people are sleeping.