Thin Clients and VisuNet Control Center

In computer networks, a client is a piece of hardware or software that accesses a service that is made available by a server. The server, or host, is usually another computer system. The client connects to the server via a network. This article will discuss how to manage a thin client list while still having a substantial client base. This article focuses on two common problems of thin clients: managing the number of clients and reducing the number of thin ones.

Managing your client base

Managing your client base is crucial to the success of your lifestyle business. Clients can be individuals, groups, ‘public’ or ‘virtual’, and they are not necessarily the same as the clients of other business owners. Therefore, you need systems in place to ensure that you respond to client inquiries quickly and efficiently. Using a CRM system will also allow you to keep detailed notes on each client’s account, so you can meet their needs before they come to you.

Managing thin clients

The VisuNet Control Center includes several wizards for managing thin clients. One such wizard allows you to copy the configuration of one device to all of the others. Other wizards help you reboot and shut down multiple thin clients at once. These tools help you manage your thin clients more easily and save time. For example, the Clone Device Wizard lets you copy the configuration of one device to all of the other thin clients in your network. You can also use the Shutdown and Restart Wizard to manage multiple thin clients at the same time.

Thin clients are easy to install and manage. The hardware components of the thin client device need to be plugged in. You’ll also need to connect the device to the network. Then, you’ll need to point it to the virtual desktop or published application environment address. The hardware configurations of thin clients vary based on their specification and operating system. You’ll need to match the hardware configuration with your end-user’s requirements and ensure that the client’s management elements support VDI delivery protocol.