Tips For Enjoying a Meeting

How can you make your meetings more enjoyable? Here are some tips: Create a social opportunity, avoid tangent ideas, change the camera focus, and disarm the speaker. The more you enjoy your meetings, the more productive they will be. Read on to learn how to do these things in your next meeting. You may even find yourself enjoying them yourself. If you’re a busy executive, try these tips. They may change your entire meeting experience.

Avoiding tangent ideas

Often, attendees of meetings take discussions off topic and avoid the main topics. This is a common problem, but avoiding tangents can be as simple as recognizing when someone is going off topic. One way to avoid tangents is to tell the group to “focus on the topic at hand” or use a phrase like “Tangent Alert” to indicate that someone has wandered off topic.

If someone does venture off topic, politely acknowledge their contribution and lead them back to the main topic. If it is necessary, they can make their comments in a separate meeting. Otherwise, they may be chatty or shy and interrupt others. Try to limit the time at which people can speak, as they may get distracted by the tangent. During meetings, you might want to try experimenting with how often to hold the meeting to make sure people are not wandering off-topic.

Disarming a speaker

When you’re dealing with a difficult person, disarming your words is the most important aspect of your speech. A good disarmer has thought about what their audience may be feeling and then reflected back what they heard. Disarmers assume that other people are motivated by a good intention and never intend to hurt or be malicious. When possible, take notes beforehand and read them during the meeting.

Changing the camera focus

Smart Focus is a feature that automatically removes more than 70% of the background in video recordings. It tracks the head and shoulders and adjusts to the movements of its subject. Smart Focus is available on both desktop and mobile platforms and is enabled by default when the video starts, or during the pre-meeting setup. It helps you enjoy the meeting and the video without the distraction of background noise. However, you can also enable Smart Focus manually, if you prefer to use a camera that is positioned more than half way around the subject.