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India TV Digital, a news channel covering breaking news and current events in India and the world, has a section dedicated to breaking news. The network carries breaking news from India and around the globe, as well as live updates from other media. In a recent case, private liquor stores in Delhi were slated to shut their doors on Monday. However, the government is likely to issue a notification late on Sunday night, allowing these stores to stay open until August ends.

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While the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) strives to provide objective and balanced news, it does not endorse any particular viewpoint or candidate. Its journalists, presenters, and reporters are expected to be objective, maintain an unbiased perspective, and adhere to fundamental democratic principles. Nevertheless, former ABC journalists and presenters have often branched into the political realm. While ABC journalists, presenters, and reporters are expected to be neutral and free from editorial bias, there are instances where they have moved into political positions.

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