Top 5 IT Blogs to Follow

The IT blogging community is thriving, and this blog is no exception. Written by VMware employee Duncan Epping, the blog’s title is taken from an Arctic Monkeys song. It’s all about flexible and solid building blocks that can be used for almost anything. In his blog, “Old Yellow Bricks,” Epping writes about how a good IT department can be as diverse as its employees. By following the blog, you can learn the ins and outs of IT infrastructure, and share the knowledge of your peers.

OptinMonster blog

You can use OptinMonster to create effective optin campaigns. You can create a pop-up based on any campaign you’d like and select the type of audience it should be shown to. You can also set display rules for each pop-up, controlling when it will be shown and to whom it is visible. Social proof is a powerful way to boost conversions on your blog posts. This tactic relies on the idea that everyone would like what someone else has and so they would like to have it.

If you want to build an email list, you need a way to track analytics. OptinMonster provides a number of tools to help you measure everything, including opt-in form conversions and pop-ups. With the right analytics, you can tailor your opt-in campaign to generate more leads. OptinMonster allows you to do all of these without writing any code. This means that you can make changes to your campaign when needed.

Absolute Software’s blog

Security is more than a feature or technology, it’s an experience. Absolute Software’s Endpoint Resilience platform is a unified approach to endpoint security that includes a permanent digital tether to every enterprise endpoint. This enables self-healing, unified visibility, and enhanced control. This security solution provides an enhanced level of visibility and control over endpoints and the data on them.

It provides a line-of-sight connection to endpoints, ensuring that critical applications stay present and up-to-date and protects sensitive data when accessed outside the network. The solution is trusted by over 13,000 organizations worldwide. Its breakthrough approach to security enables individual system components to self-heal, ensuring that other servers can automatically step in and take over the workload when the primary server goes down.

Its endpoint security and management solutions have earned the company the trust of many customers in the Education, Government, Healthcare, and Media industries. The company’s unique approach to security gives IT full visibility of all devices and shows configuration in real time. Its unique approach also enables IT to manage security risks via a centralized console. In addition to security, the company’s blog also covers its primary product, Absolute Security.


With contributions from experts from around the world, CloudTweaks is the one-stop shop for all things cloud. From informative articles to industry interviews and predictions, the site offers a unique blend of content. Its comics section, for instance, is perfect for readers who want to learn more about cloud compliance, business data analytics, and other cloud-related topics. With 14 posts published each week, it is easy to find something new to learn from CloudTweaks.

CloudTweaks is a technology news website based in San Francisco. The site features several contributors, including full-time employees and freelance writers. Its articles cover topics such as security, marketing, and the mobile market. Its blog is regularly updated, and features many forms of content including infographics, statistics, event announcements, cloud comics, and more. For a more in-depth view of cloud-related topics, CloudTweaks also features expert columns and a tech training program marketplace.

Digi Prima Technologies’ blog

The company offers a variety of IT services, including web presence and mobile application development. The company also offers document management and process management tools, such as Exoprise, which allows businesses to get end-to-end visibility into business applications. For more information, visit Digiprima Technologies’ blog. The company has also written articles on a variety of other subjects, including the latest trends in mobile app development and language trends. The company’s blog is updated every Monday through Sunday.