Uncomfortable – 90 Synonyms and Idiomatic Expressions For the Word “Comfortable”

The verb “to comfort” is a general word that connotes a state of pain or suffering that needs alleviation. It is synonymous with the words “solace” and “consolation”. The word can also refer to physical comfort and can be used to describe the feeling of being surrounded by people that are not uncomfortable. But the word “comfort” doesn’t have to mean that the person who is being comforted is experiencing pain.


Halestorm’s “Uncomfortable” is a song from their fourth studio album, Vicious. The song was written by Lzzy Hale, Arejay Hale, Josh Smith, and Joe Hottinger. It was recorded at Rock Falcon Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, and was produced by Nick Raskulinecz. The track was released on May 30, 2018, through Atlantic Records. This page lists 90 synonyms and idiomatic expressions for the word “uncomfortable.”


The definitions of comfortable and secure are essentially the same, except for the fact that the former means a stuffed bed coverlet and the latter means a metal box filled with valuables that are safe from harm. In the context of the bedroom, a coverlet is considered comfortable if it is stuffed with soft filling. A safe means a safe place where one’s valuables are protected from harm, while comfortable is an item that is stuffed and quilted.


While many restorative dental procedures get a bad rap, many are actually painless and completely painless. Dr. Chiu’s painless techniques keep his patients comfortable and relaxed during dental procedures. He can administer different levels of sedation to make sure patients are comfortable throughout the entire procedure. His gentle touch and precise execution ensure that he gets the results he wants. Then, he’ll leave you with beautiful smiles and no regrets.

Secure around people

How can you tell if you are secure around people? The most basic way to tell is to observe them in relationships. People do not realize how secure they are until they are exposed to others. If a person is secure, they are not hesitant to say uncomfortable truths and expect direct answers from others. If a person is constantly evading, they may be trying to hide something or are unsure of their own ability to express their feelings.

Having enough money to buy what you want without worrying about the cost

Having enough money to buy what you want is an important life goal. Whether you have enough money to make the payment on a house, a car, or the latest gadget, it is important to set priorities and balance your wants and needs. Financial needs include the basics of living, such as food, clothing, and transportation. On the other hand, wants include things you may want, such as a new phone or a nicer vacation.