Understanding the Different Types of Love

Love is a fundamental need in every person’s life. Without love, life would be unfulfilling. Many different definitions exist for love, including the various emotions, feelings, and attitude that are associated with it. Some people define it as emotional attachment. Others think it is simply a feeling of admiration. Whatever the definition, there is no doubt that everyone needs love in their life. To help us understand the many different forms of love, we’ve listed a few examples below.

Storge love

A new form of monogamy is gaining popularity in Japan: Storge Love. While it defies traditional Japanese culture and centuries-old social norms, this type of love is becoming increasingly popular. To understand Storge Love, you must first understand what love is in general. How can you express this kind of love to your partner? Read on to find out. Ultimately, love is the act of giving, of appreciating and supporting a partner’s happiness.

Eros love

The word “Eros” has a long history, originating from the Greek word eros, meaning “to love,” and is the source of the term erotic. Eros has also been used in psychology and philosophy in a broad sense, and in some cases is considered akin to “life energy”.

Companionate love

One of the primary characteristics of a long-term relationship is companionate love. In the initial stages of the relationship, romantic love is the dominant type of love. After seven years, however, the itch period disappears and the two types are more comparable. The biochemistry of passionate eroticism is known to be fleeting, but companionate lovers commit to the relationship and the other person. This type of love is also common in long-term marriages and non-sexual relationships.

Pragma love

When it comes to long-term relationships, Pragma love is a vital element. This love is based on duty, reason, and shared goals. While it is often associated with romantic partnerships, it is also an important component of family relationships and close friendships. Pragma love is also manifested in personal sacrifices made for one’s partner. These commitments can be anything from daily tasks to making a lifelong commitment.

Pragmatic love

Pragmatic love refers to love that emphasizes the practical, economic, and emotional aspects of a relationship. This type of love has its disadvantages as well. Because it is not considered negative, it is commonly found in cultures with collectivist values. Such couples are often tied in arranged marriages and have children. However, pragmatic lovers need to consider cultural differences when developing their love-making. For example, in the book Ordinary People, Melvin develops a pragmatic love for Carol, who puts up with his compulsive behaviour and gets a doctor to take care of Carol’s son.