Understanding the Mystery of Love

Love has been the subject of much creative writing and artistic treatment for thousands of years. Nevertheless, science has only recently been drawn to the study of love. Although Freud himself argued that love should be a science, early explorations of love attracted considerable criticism. Some, such as U.S. Senator William Proxmire, labeled love research as a waste of taxpayer dollars. But it is not too late to understand the mystery of love and explore the meaning of its various components.

Relationship between lover and beloved

The relationship between a lover and a beloved is one that involves tension. In order to understand this relationship, we must first recognize what eros is and how it works. Eros is the feeling of deep longing and the desire to be with the one we love. However, the nature of this desire is often distorted by artificial divisions and the separation of qualities. In the following discussion, we will explore how eros works and how it impacts the relationship between a lover and a beloved.


When it comes to relationships, commitment is not always about having feelings for someone. Sometimes commitment is motivated by feelings of affection and comfort. You might love someone, but not necessarily be committed to staying with them in the long run. While formal vows are a way to show a commitment to each other, you may not be in love with them. Nevertheless, if you both feel attracted to one another and feel safe with each other, you might be committed.

Bestowal of value

The notion of bestowal of value in love is a tricky one. The term itself is akin to valuation, but in different ways. According to Singer, bestowal of value in love refers to the act of attaching oneself to another, and treating the person you love as if they are your own. In addition to attaching oneself to another, bestowal of value involves responding to the needs and wants of the beloved and delighting in their achievements.


If we understand the definition of altruism correctly, then love is defined as a selfless act of sacrifice towards another person. There are many aspects to this act. Some acts are legitimate, while others are not. A mother who works long hours to provide for her son is performing an act of altruism, but she may be hurting her mind and body at the same time. In addition, the sacrifice may be harmful if she becomes sick or ill.

Passionate love

In a passionate love relationship, each person actively seeks to enrich the relationship with novel ideas and experiences. A relationship cannot be sustained by candlelight dinners alone. The partners share their deepest secrets and darkest fears with each other. Passionate love is worth the risk. Despite the heartache that comes with it, passionate love can spark true love and show the world in all its exciting colors. If you are ready to take the risk of a passionate love, read on!

Person love

Love between two people is different than love between two people who have nothing in common. While there are plenty of signs that a relationship is not going to last, some people may experience an overwhelming feeling of love for another person. This feeling is called infatuation and is often characterized by feelings of intense physical attraction, reckless abandonment of values, and anxiety. Despite the differences between these two types of love, they share some characteristics. Listed below are some signs that your relationship might be more than just a little bit complicated.