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The history of Today’s ABC News is largely a product of the early years of the network. The show began in the summer of 1948 and ran concurrently with the CBS game show What’s My Line? The anchors of the show were usually African-American, although some black hosts did appear on the show as well. In the mid-1980s, the network added new anchors to its lineup including Alex Dreier, Fendall Winston Yerxa, Al Mann, Bill Shadel, and Max Robinson.

Diane Macedo was named the anchor of two of ABC’s news shows, World News Now and America This Morning. She is a successful news presenter who earns $120,000 a month. Today’s ABC News is a mix of mainstream news and original programs. The evening newscast is led by Linsey Davis, while the daytime program features the issues-oriented political program ABC News Live. For two years, the network averaged 23 million viewers a month, double its previous average for the years March to August.

Woodruff and Doug Vogt, a cameraman with ABC News, were injured in a roadside bombing in Iraq on July 22, 2008. Both were wearing body armor and had surgery in Balad, about 50 miles outside of Baghdad. While wearing body armor, they suffered head injuries during the incident. After surgery, they were transferred to Bethesda Naval Hospital, Maryland, and eventually released as outpatient patients. Vargas was pregnant at the time of the accident.