What Are Powerlinks?

Unlike other cable locks, powerlinks are wireless and require no wiring. Its name derives from its use in industrial applications. Unlike other locks, powerlinks can be attached to any metal surface, including the frame, stem, and seatpost. Unlike other types of cables, powerlinks don’t wear out or become loose after prolonged use. Powered by standard Ethernet, they are easy to install and are easy to disconnect.


Ethernet Powerlink is a real-time protocol for standard Ethernet. It is managed by the Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group and was first introduced by the Austrian automation company B&R in 2001. POWERLINKS are fast and reliable communications links. They allow industrial control systems to share data in real time. By transferring data via Ethernet, industrial applications can communicate with each other. This article discusses how these systems communicate.


Energex Powerlinks is responsible for the distribution of electricity through large power lines that run alongside highways. Energex maintains these power lines, as well as substations that supply electricity. These power lines can result in a power outage if there is a problem, such as a fallen power line. There are many ways to contact Energex. Below are the different ways to reach them.

SRAM PowerLinks

SRAM developed a unique way to connect its 10-speed chains: PowerLock. This tool-free method is the sure-fire way to connect your 10-speed chain. It can be installed in just a few seconds and makes connecting your 10-speed chain a breeze. Its durability and ease of installation makes it a great choice for all cyclists. Here are some advantages of PowerLock and why you should consider them for your next cycling adventure.


The PowerLocks have a range of different features. Some models come with a fuel cap release button or switch. These are usually located in the same general area as the controls for the windows. Other models feature a built-in telematics provider platform that allows you to send commands to the lock from your smartphone. A power outlet may also be attached to the lock. A battery/solar panel combination is also an option.

IEEE 802.3ah

Compared to conventional Ethernet networks, IEEE 802.3ah powerlinks use copper or fiber-optic cable to provide energy. The standard defines physical layer specifications, management parameters, and physical layer access. Its primary benefits include IEEE 802.3ah support for point-to-point passive optical networks (PONs) and third-generation Power over Ethernet (10GbASE-T) systems, as well as specific enhancements for IoT applications.

CANopen device profiles

Ethernet Powerlink and CANopen device profiles offer manufacturers an efficient way to integrate field devices and motion control into their factory automation systems. These profiles describe operational behavior for positioning drives and are supported by a variety of vendors. These protocols provide continuity from simple sensor networks to fast motion control systems. Ethernet Powerlink and CANopen device profiles enable manufacturers to easily implement CANopen communication in their systems. The following are some benefits of Ethernet on the factory floor.

Network security

ETHERNET Powerlink enables security in the operation of networked devices. This technology operates as a protected segment, where only users with dedicated rights can connect. This means that any attacks on a networked device are detected and mitigated quickly. However, there are some challenges that you must overcome to achieve the highest level of network security. Here is an overview of these challenges. To avoid them, follow these guidelines:


SRAM’s Powerlinks are designed for one-time use. While some cyclists re-use them, SRAM’s rep advised me not to re-use them with another chain. A 10s PowerLOCK will have about the same life as the chain. If you are planning to reuse one, it is better to replace the old one with a new one. Listed below are the pros and cons of Powerlinks and the reusability of the chain.