What Are the Big Five Personality Traits?

We can divide our personality into five basic traits, but there are many other, smaller units. These are often referred to as facets. They are more specific than the Big Five traits. Regardless of which one you fall under, there are many ways to understand yourself and others. This article aims to help you understand your own unique personality and find your own inner strength. So, what are the traits and how can you use them to make your life better?


An MBTI personality test is a self-assessment that consists of 93 questions about your preferences. You are given two possible answers and are required to choose the one that describes your preferred style or personality best. Based on the answers you give, you will be categorized into one of 16 personality types. The different types of personality are based on psychological theories and can range from agreeable to disagreeable. If you’re considering taking this personality test, here are some tips to ensure you get the most accurate results.


If you’re interested in identifying your strengths, weaknesses, and ideal work environment, you may want to consider taking a DISC assessment. These psychological tests are based on the DISC emotional and behavioral theory of 1928. While they claim to predict job performance, there’s no scientific evidence to support their use and most people consider them pseudoscience. However, they’re a popular choice among managers and job seekers alike.

Four primary temperament types

While psychology has long recognized four basic temperament types, we’re often not aware of the reasons for them. The psychology profession actually named the temperament types after antiquated concepts of humor. These types are related to the way we feel and interact with the world. The good news is that we can change our temperament through knowledge. Once we understand what drives our temperament, we can use this knowledge to improve our lives and those of others. Read on to learn more about temperament and how to control it.

Five Big Five traits

The Big Five personality traits are a taxonomy of personality traits that emerged from the 1980s. These traits were developed in the field of psychological trait theory. Although there is more than one personality trait, these five are most commonly associated with a particular type of personality. Each trait is described below in more detail. The Big Five personality traits are listed in alphabetical order. Each trait has specific behavioural characteristics. Individuals who exhibit traits in one or more of these categories are considered to be similar in other dimensions.

Ten facets of each trait

To further understand the differences between the Big Five personality traits, it is helpful to look at their lower-level units, or facets. The following table provides a brief description of the traits and their facets. For example, the trait extraversion is reflected in an individual’s innate need to make others happy. Extraverts are highly energetic, enjoy socializing, and are often filled with positive feelings. To understand a person’s personality type, he or she must first identify the traits that best describe him or her.