What is a Game of Tag?

A game of tag is a fast-paced game in which two or more players attempt to touch another player while chasing them. While the game has many variations, most forms of the sport do not involve scores or teams. Players are tagged when they touch the other player, typically by saying “Tag, you’re ‘it’!”

Simple game

The game of tag can be played with a group of people, a single person acting as It, and other players forming teams of two. The goal of the game is to tag another player by linking arms with their partner. The player who is tagged runs away and tries to tag another pair. The game continues until every player has been tagged. To make it more interesting, you can make the game more difficult by deducting points from the running tally every time a player is tagged.


This fast-paced game of tag is perfect for warming up the heart. Unlike other sports, this activity doesn’t require any equipment. Instead, you and your teammates simply need to gather around one another. Then, you can try varying the rules and variations to keep the game interesting. While younger children can play without adult supervision, older kids should be supervised when playing the game. This activity is also great for building community.

Develops spatial awareness

Playing games with balls, such as soccer, basketball, or baseball, develops spatial awareness because kids must figure out where the ball is in relation to them. It’s important to make sure kids practice kicking, rolling, and catching balls in the air. A game of tag also develops spatial awareness, as it gives children experience running away from oni. It is a great activity for young children because it develops motor skills and helps them understand proximity.

Works on motor skills

The Game of Tag is an age-old sport that taps into primal human instincts. Children have been chasing each other around open spaces and playgrounds for centuries. This fast-paced game only requires a few participants and an open space. There are no age, gender, or skill level limitations. Anyone can join in and learn about motor skills and the importance of physical activity. Playing Tag is a great way to teach kids about the benefits of physical activity and encourage them to remain active their whole lives.

Great for physical education classes

Worksheets are great for keeping kids occupied, especially when other activities are not possible. They can be used for physical education classes or sports club get-togethers. You can find some great worksheets on Teachers Pay Teachers. Here are some examples. If you are looking for more ideas for PE worksheets, read on! Let us know which one you like best! Just make sure to include a link to the source so others can benefit from it.

Easy to learn

Tag is a simple, yet challenging, game that anyone can play. The first step is to link arms with the person who is being tagged. After linking arms, players must communicate with each other to find the best way to move. Once the person is tagged, everyone else must work together to tag the person they are tagged by. The last person to be tagged wins the game. If one player cannot be tagged, the game restarts and a new runner begins.