What Is an Air Shower?


An air shower is a specialized type of decontamination room. The enclosed, tightly controlled environment is protected from outside air by interlocking mechanisms. Most safety administrations require that the occupants remain inside until the decontamination cycle is complete. An air shower can be an entirely enclosed tunnel with no doors that personnel walk through to enter the controlled area. The enclosed environment is created by air handling equipment that creates a fluid boundary between the different environments.
Interlocking mechanisms

The air shower comes with two types of interlocking mechanisms: magnetic and wall start switches. The magnetic door interlock system is used to prevent contamination from entering the cleanroom when the air shower door is open. The wall start switch requires a press of a button to initiate the cleaning cycle. The wall start switch also features the door interlock magnet, which must be activated before the shower door opens. The door interlock magnets can be installed on the interior or exterior of the shower, where they are mounted.

Aside from this, air showers also have a lockable door system that prevents the entry of contaminated air into the chamber. These showers are commonly used in research laboratories in India. They are also exported to the United States and Europe. Regardless of the type of air shower, these systems will keep occupants inside until the cycle is complete. Most safety administrations require that the air shower be equipped with an emergency stop, ensuring the safety of personnel and the environment.
High-velocity nozzles

Air showers work much like automated car wash pressure washer systems. The vehicle enters the wash chamber and high-pressure streams blast dirt and grime off the car. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, the car exits the cleanroom and a light turns on to signal that the next cycle has begun. The air shower entry door activates interlock magnets that lock the cleanroom and air shower doors. High-velocity streams of Class 100 filtered air are shot into the cleanroom through nozzles mounted on the walls. The air shower’s powerful streams of air create a scrubbing action on clothing and other partsiculates. The workers lift their arms to remove the particulates.

High-velocity nozzles are positioned in the corners of the chamber to maximize the spray’s power. There are eleven nozzles total, and the interior of the chamber is illuminated with LEDs to prevent particle deposition. The air shower comes equipped with four emergency stops and is capable of reaching up to 30 m/s. Using Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour Generators (HPVs), high-velocity nozzles for an air shower also remove toxins and other pollutants from the air.

Stainless steel frame

The main electrical control panel is gray-painted steel mounted above one door of the cabinet. The controls include a microprocessor controller and starter, thermal overloads and fuses, power shutoff, and door rub rails. The PLC controls cleaning cycles and optional door interlocking. This panel can be operated via a push-button control. Stainless steel doors with a stainless steel frame are available. They are shipped in wooden crates.

A stainless steel frame is an excellent choice for the interior or exterior air shower of a cleanroom. This type of shower’s main structure has an all-metal painted steel shell with zinc-coated steel sheets to provide double protection from corrosion and rust. Other features of an air shower room include a reinforced door frame with toughened glass and an indicator light. The chassis for the shower is made of stainless steel, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Clear insert

If you’re looking to add a clean and sanitary feel to your bathroom, a clear air shower insert might be the perfect addition. Usually made from acrylic, these shower inserts are relatively easy to clean. While the acrylic material requires a bit more elbow grease, you can restore your clear air shower insert to like-new condition with common household products. Listed below are a few of the most common cleaning products.
Push/pull hardware

A pull is a hinged or movable piece that facilitates the operation of a door. They are commonly used on doors with no latching hardware and are known as trim or protective plates. They help you access the door, and are more affordable than decorative pulls. Pulls also help you access the thumbturn or keyhole on a cylinder. They are popular in high-traffic areas.

The door of an Air Shower is typically constructed from high-quality anodized aluminum, with a 1/4-inch clear insert. The hardware has an interlock system, allowing only one door to be opened at a time. The door automatically releases if power is lost to the shower. The frame is available in a painted steel finish. Push/pull hardware for an air shower is typically shipped in a wooden crate.

Construction materials

The construction materials for an air shower vary depending on the type of air shower and the space it’s intended for. Stainless steel is an excellent choice because of its high corrosion resistance and stress ratings. Aluminum is a light metal that is highly conductive and ductile. Plastic laminates are another option, and are processed organic materials with a high molecular weight. Air showers must comply with US federal and ISO standards to be considered credible. ADA compliance is also important for air showers that support disabled workers.

The construction materials for an air shower are crucial in determining the longevity of the unit. Most air shower shells are made of stainless steel or painted steel. Stainless steel construction is recommended for medical applications, but there are also cheaper alternatives that are made of laminated particle board. Laminated particle boards are prone to delamination and physical damage, which create particulate contamination. CleanPro (r) air showers are rated for high traffic environments and feature a silicone-free construction.