What is Ethernet Powerlink?

The Ethernet Powerlink protocol is a real-time industrial Ethernet solution. It is an open protocol and is governed by the Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group. This technology was first introduced by the Austrian automation company B&R in 2001. Since then, many industrial applications have been made possible by this protocol. But what is Ethernet Powerlink? Read on to learn more about this real-time industrial Ethernet solution. This article will discuss how Ethernet Powerlink works and how it can help your industrial network run more smoothly.

Ethernet Powerlink is a real-time industrial Ethernet solution

Developed by B&R, Ethernet POWERLINK is a deterministic real-time protocol that extends the capabilities of standard ethernet. POWERLINK offers mechanisms to transfer data with precise timing and synchronisation for high-performance automation and real-time control applications. Unlike many other solutions, POWERLINK does not require proprietary hardware, which allows users to continue using the same hardware components and diagnostic tools. POWERLINK uses a patented time-slot procedure and a mixture of polling and time-slicing techniques for real-time data exchange.

It was developed at the field-device level

Ethernet Powerlink is a real-time Ethernet that connects office computers with production installations. Its development at the field-device level has led to numerous improvements in this protocol. For example, Ethernet Powerlink can transfer data with a delay of just one microsecond. It is capable of transmitting data in both asynchronous and synchronous modes. Both types of Ethernet communication can be used in the same installation.

It is 100% compliant with the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard

POWERLINK has achieved full compliance with the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard and can be used on any Ethernet infrastructure. This makes POWERLINK 100% vendor-neutral and compatible with openSAFETY, an open standard for bus-independent safety. Its patented technology allows for real-time industrial communication without requiring complex software or hardware. Here’s a closer look at POWERLINK’s features and benefits.

It uses IAONA’s Industrial Ethernet Planning and Installation Guide for clean cabling of industrial networks

This guide provides information about implementing the industrial Ethernet standard, and covers the process for clean cabling. It incorporates provisions from other Standards and specifies the length and type of connectors to be used in industrial Ethernet networks. The length of a permanent link must meet the requirements of the ISO/IEC 11801:2002 specification and EN 50173:2002. The length of an individual link between a unit and a network hub must meet the same requirements.

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