What Is Fire?

What is fire? Fire is the rapid oxidation of materials in an exothermic chemical process. It releases heat, light, and various reaction products as it burns. The different types of fire are discussed in this article. If you have questions about fire, please visit the links below:


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Colourful flames

Fire is a fascinating phenomenon, and its colours are usually a reflection of the substances burning within it. Usually, hotter fires burn with brighter colours than cooler ones. For example, red flames are hotter than orange flames. The temperature at which these flames appear is dependent on the composition of the fuel, which is why white-blue flames are the hottest. But there are other factors that also influence the colour of fire.

Chemical reaction

A flame is a product of a chemical reaction involving an oxidizing agent like oxygen and combustible material. The combustion process is characterized by its rapidity because the energy released during the process cannot escape. The flame light is produced when the reaction takes place in the right proportions. Inflammable liquids and gases burn at very high temperatures. The following steps are used to control flames. However, a flame may not always be visible.


Fire extinguishers are essential safety equipment for any workplace or home, but not all types work the same way. Choosing the correct type of extinguisher is important, as different types are designed to combat different types of fire. Essentially, fire extinguishers work to put out one of the three requirements of fire – heat, oxygen, and fuel. They are rated based on their effectiveness against the three different types of fire.

Natural processes

Fire plays a fundamental role in the evolution of flora and fauna, and is a critical process for promoting plant and animal diversity. Fire starts from lightning, sparks from falling rocks, or even a simple match, and is characterized by three essential elements: fuel, oxygen, and ignition source. During fire, natural fuels and ignition sources are present and, in some areas, there are even natural fires sparked by human or fire management staff.