What Is Furniture?

What is furniture? Simply put, furniture is a movable object that supports human activity. It holds objects at a convenient height for working and storing items. You can find a wide range of furniture items to match your tastes, needs, and budget. Whether you need a table to accommodate your guests or a desk to hold your documents, there is a piece of furniture for every room. Read on to learn more. The history of furniture is as rich as its stories.

Historical development

The book is a comprehensive study of the development of various styles and designs in furniture. It describes the evolution of each style in terms of the architectural setting, decorative arts, and social circumstances. The book offers an extensive timeline that correlates political events to furniture development. The authors also take into consideration economic and social factors in order to provide a holistic perspective. The book is a must-read for all people interested in the history of furniture.


The functions of furniture dictate their shape and structure. They are most often manifested together, interconnected and subordinate to one another. In some cases, a single function can predominate the rest of a piece of furniture’s functional structure. In other cases, a change to one function can change the overall structure. In general, furniture’s functions can be divided into three broad categories: practical, aesthetic and spiritual. Listed below are the various functions of furniture.


The choices of materials for furniture are almost limitless. There are many types of wood, and choosing one depends on the design, budget, and aesthetics of the piece. Hardwoods are a good choice because of their density, which is perfect for fine detailing and carving. Soft woods, on the other hand, are better for softer areas of the home because they are easier to work with and do not absorb as much moisture. Engineered wood is a cheaper alternative but does not have the same durability as natural wood.


There are many different styles of furniture. The Federal style comes from the period that followed the Revolutionary War. The emphasis on simplicity of decor meant that furniture was reduced from ornate pieces. Later on, as early Americans embraced Neoclassicism, they made less room for large, heavily carved pieces. Today, you can find a wide variety of furniture with similar characteristics. These types of pieces include Victorian, French, and Japanese styles.


If you’re looking to sell your furniture, first check online selling platforms. You can also visit your local second-hand shops or flea market. Performing a reconnaissance tour of your local furniture market will help you determine the value of your pieces. While some furniture might not have a future, others can command a high price. Listed below are some tips on how to get the highest price for your furniture. Keep in mind that the value of your furniture depends on its condition.