What is World News?

What is world news? World news is also known as international news, foreign coverage, or simply international news. It is information about events and happenings that take place outside of the country where the news originated, and it often focuses on global issues. This article will cover the different ways that you can learn more about world news. Read on for the latest headlines on various global subjects. If you want to stay updated on current world events, you can subscribe to world news websites or read newspapers.

Foreign correspondents

There are many types of foreign correspondents. Some work on-scene, filing live news stories. These journalists may be working in a country’s capital, reporting on a natural disaster or a war. A foreign correspondent must be well-versed in emergency procedures and function under pressure. They also report from battlefields and other dangerous settings. These journalists may be asked to interview government officials or witnesses. Many of these journalists are freelance.


World news is the reportage of events occurring around the world. Some media outlets report world events as well as the news about a particular country. Others report global issues. Newspapers report world events in a variety of ways, from writing and visual images to reporting and analysis. A journalist’s work will often be affected by the context in which the story takes place. In some countries, such as the United States, the reporting of world events is a subfield of national journalism.


There are several television channels which provide international news and opinions. In the United States, major broadcasters include CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and HLN. In Canada, a number of international news channels are available through various television providers. The most popular are BBC World News and Al Jazeera English. A recent study revealed that RT was the fourth most popular television channel in November, overtaking CNN and BBC combined. While the United States continues to lag behind in terms of global news, there are many different options for broadcasting.

Online sources

There are many different types of online sources of world news. A December 2005 survey of internet users gathered data on ten types of online news sites. While most internet users visit at least one news site a month, substantial numbers have visited more than two, and a quarter have visited more than four. As more news sites are becoming available online, traditional offline media outlets have found an online home as well. However, this hasn’t completely eliminated the importance of newspapers and other offline media.

Challenges of fact-based journalism

The role of fact-checking in the news is central to a healthy democracy, and it can take place in explicit fact-check segments or in ordinary stories. Nevertheless, audiences do not always view fact-checking as good journalism, and it can also strengthen misperceptions, and strengthen the case for a politician caught lying. Fortunately, more research shows the positive effects of fact-checking, although the risks of backfiring are significant.