What You Need to Know About Animal Registration in Greater Shepparton

Animal registration is a legal requirement for all animals over the age of four months. Registration is done online, and the City also offers microchipping services for $5. During registration, the animal must have a current rabies vaccination. You can find the online registration form and other necessary documents by clicking on the link below. Alternatively, you can submit these documents by mail or fax. The City will issue the registration once all the required documents have been received.

When registering your animal, you will receive an ID card that lists the owner and animal’s name and registration number. If you’ve registered your animal as an emotional support or service animal, you’ll also receive a certificate listing the name and date of the animal’s birth. This certificate acts as official documentation of your animal’s registration in a database. To avoid wasting valuable time, it’s recommended to register your animal as soon as possible.

It’s also important to note that you can renew the registration for any animal you’ve previously registered with the Council. This is because you need to pay to renew your approval each year. You can pay by credit card or BPay. If you’re registering a dog, you should remember that renewals are valid for one year. You can even transfer the registration from another council to Greater Shepparton if you have proof of the previous registration.

You can also opt to pay less for registering domestic animals. You can apply for a reduced registration fee if you qualify for pensioner or voluntary foster care discounts. Make sure you provide sufficient evidence when completing the application. Similarly, if your dog is menacing or dangerous, you should pay full registration fees. Cats, on the other hand, must be registered with the relevant organisation. In some cases, the reduced registration fee can be up to 50% lower.

To make your pet more visible, you can get it microchipped. This will save your time and money when a pet gets lost. In case you don’t want to spend a lot of money on microchipping, you can opt for a free pet registration day. It’s important to remember that you must also keep your dog under effective control and pick up faeces in public areas. Dog registration is not necessary if you own a working dog. If your pet is working for you, however, the registration will not be required.

Your dog’s license is important if you plan to walk it in public. It is also required by law in New York. You should keep its license current as this will give you a ticket to take your dog home in case it gets lost. If you lose your dog, you can call 311 and get a copy of the license. Or, you can mail the application in if you prefer. If you choose to register your dog in New York, be sure to include the details of the dog’s breed, spay or neuter status and other information.

The Animal Cruelty Prevention Program works closely with other agencies to streamline the licensing process. It also strives to educate the public about responsible pet ownership, and communicates with veterinarian facilities. In addition to animal registration, you can also apply for a pet permit. This license is renewable annually. However, if you own more than three cats, you must apply for an approval for a cattery. Depending on the laws of your state, you may need to apply for a separate license for your cattery.