What You Need to Know About Self Storage

The self storage industry rents storage units and space to both individuals and businesses. These businesses can be found at over 50,000 sites nationwide. Read on to learn more about what they have to offer, the costs of renting storage units, and the locations. If you need a unit larger than 5 square feet, you can look for a storage unit that is 12 feet long. In addition to offering more than just storage space, self storage businesses also provide transportation services to their tenants.

50,000 sites nationwide

The growth of self storage in the U.S. is a big issue, especially in the United States, where the average resident requires 7.2 square feet of space. The industry’s boosters see these problems as speed bumps along the way to success. While there are already nearly 50,000 self storage sites nationwide, they worry that this number could grow much more quickly. One example: San Francisco, a city where manufacturing is the top industry, now has just 76,300 workers.

The self storage industry is a very competitive industry. In some areas, you may be able to obtain a better price for a storage unit than if you rent your space from a large company. But if you aren’t sure what to expect, you can consult an industry expert. Self storage facilities can be built on parcels. In 83.9% of counties, there’s at least one primary self storage facility.

Unit sizes range from 5 x 5 to 12 x 30

The sizes of self storage units vary considerably. For example, a 5×5 unit has approximately 25 square feet of space. It is perfect for storing extra items, such as boxes, miscellaneous items, or seasonal decorations. A 10×10 unit can hold the contents of a studio apartment, including a queen-size bed and dresser. In the case of a 12-x-30 unit, a person will have enough space for two small to medium-sized boxes.

A five-by-five storage unit can comfortably store a bed or twin mattress set. It can also hold holiday decorations, sports equipment, and home electronics. Even a single mattress or two can be stored in a 5×5 unit. A five-by-10 unit can comfortably hold a medium-sized desk, chair, or file cabinet. The space is large enough to store a twin mattress and a few other household items.


What are the costs of self storage? It can be costly for the average individual to store their possessions for a few months or even years. These are a few common items that require self storage. To save money, consider renting a unit instead of buying your own. Some facilities even offer free storage to help you with your financial situation. While you may think that storing your items is expensive, it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

The construction costs of a single-story facility start at about $25 per square foot. Multi-story facilities are even more costly, requiring anywhere from $42 to $65 per square foot. The operating expenses of self storage facilities can add up to fifty to seventy percent of stabilized income. Typically, a self-storage facility will operate at 80 to 95 percent occupancy, although some successful operations have been achieved with as low as seventy percent.


When it comes to locations for self storage, one important thing to consider is density. Ideally, a self storage facility should be within walking distance of a densely populated area. The reason for this is that people do not like to have to drive a long distance to get to their stored things. It is also worth mentioning that 80 percent of people who need self storage facilities live within five minutes of the site. However, location can be difficult depending on zoning regulations in a city.

Self storage facilities are commonly located in industrial and suburban neighborhoods, but urban spaces may include a few floors of a larger building. Successful self storage businesses have co-located with commercial buildings and other business types in nearby neighborhoods. For example, in St. John’s, Newfoundland, a self storage facility was co-located with a public school. Aside from being convenient, multi-story locations are more attractive than traditional single-level units.


One of the main reasons tenants use a self-storage facility is its safety. While it is true that no self storage facility is 100% secure, it should take extra precautions to keep its tenants and visitors safe. It is important to follow certain rules and regulations regarding hazardous materials. If you are worried about these issues, you should look for a self storage facility that uses the latest security measures. The following tips will help you choose a self storage facility with the highest safety standards.

When choosing a self storage facility, look for features such as climate-controlled units and video surveillance. Also, make sure the facility is secure by purchasing an insurance policy that covers off-premise property damage. People often rent storage units to make moving easier, but many are concerned about the safety of their items. Listed below are some tips for selecting the best storage facility: