What’s Included in a Cruise Vacation Package?


Before you book your next cruise vacation, be sure you have all the details about what is included in a typical package. Read on to learn about COVID-19 requirements, necessary vaccinations, and onboard enrichment. We have also compiled a list of some helpful websites and tips to make your cruise travel experience as pleasant as possible. And remember to pack plenty of water! Getting sick on a cruise ship is never fun, but luckily, there are ways to avoid getting sick and remain healthy.

COVID-19 requirements on cruise ships

Since the onset of the pandemic, cruise ship operators have been complaining about the increased COVID-19 requirements and industry-specific shutdowns. The CDC has stepped in to help the industry combat the threat of the disease by updating its guidelines on COVID-19 mitigation. This includes updates to quarantine guidance and physical distancing requirements for close contacts. Below is an overview of the new guidelines and what they mean for cruise ships.

Vaccination is a requirement for travelers to travel outside of the United States, and COVID-19 testing is required to ensure compliance. Travelers should review the COVID-19 requirements before boarding a cruise ship. The test results should include the individual’s full legal name, date of birth, and type of test. Test results must be clearly written and clearly legible. Guests should not fax or handwrite test results. COVID-19 FAQs provide complete information on the requirements and testing procedures.
Precautions to take on cruise ships

Before boarding a cruise ship, consider a few precautions. First of all, make sure you take a good hand sanitizer. Cruise ships have hand sanitizer dispensers around the ship, so be sure to use them! In addition, you should disinfect surfaces and items in your stateroom. Wearing a mask in public areas is also a good idea. And, of course, you should always wear appropriate footwear, especially if the ship is sailing in rough seas.

You can take a norovirus skin patch if you are prone to getting seasick. Although norovirus cases can make headlines, they are extremely rare. More common at work, school, and public transportation, norovirus cases are much less likely on a cruise ship. Because cruise lines are so careful about cleanliness, cases are virtually nonexistent. To reduce your risk of contracting norovirus, wash your hands frequently, especially after eating or touching anything, especially with soap and water. Rub your hands for at least 20 seconds.

Required vaccinations

When planning your next trip on a cruise, you should take time to consider your vaccine requirements. Some destinations require certain vaccinations, such as yellow fever and hepatitis A and B. Your cruise line will likely have its own specific policy. However, the general recommendations for vaccinations are available on Travelers’ Health destination pages. Consult your physician for specific advice based on your travel plans. Read on for some important facts about required vaccinations for cruise travel.

While many cruise lines still allow travelers to travel unvaccinated, they are tightening their requirements. Among the most recent announcements is the requirement for COVID-19. Some cruise lines are requiring all passengers to be vaccinated – and some even have separate requirements for different countries. Some have also announced their policy changes, such as AmaWaterways, which will only accept passengers who have received the full COVID-19 vaccination.

Onboard enrichment

Onboard enrichment during cruise travel can take many forms, from lectures to workshops and special events. Depending on the ship, enrichment activities may include a culinary demonstration, a book club, or even a computer workshop. Many cruise lines offer enrichment activities for all ages. In addition to lectures and workshops, cruise ships also offer self-guided art tours and cooking demonstrations. In some cases, onboard enrichment may even involve creating your own wine bottle.

The luxury segment has embraced enrichment programs for its passengers, as these programs often allow for longer voyages. Since large ships don’t lend themselves to intimate guest lectures, enrichment programs have been created for smaller vessels. These programs provide topics that interest all types of guests, from aspiring writers to world-famous historical figures. Many luxury lines have branded enrichment programs, such as Cunard Insights and Seabourn Conversations. Some cruise lines even hire motivational speakers and caricaturists to keep the guests occupied during the journey.