Which Emergency Hammer Should You Carry in Your Car?

A double-headed steel hammer in your glove compartment is an excellent option for emergencies. If you are in an accident, fire, or submersion, it can help you escape. You can easily use it to smash open the door of your car or break a window. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, making it a good emergency tool for your car. If you are not sure what type of hammer to bring with you, see our recommendations below.


A handy escape tool for an emergency, the Lifeaxe with emergency hammer is the ideal choice. Its sturdy steel head and 60-degree point angle can break through toughened glass. Suitable for both domestic and commercial use, this tool is easy to carry and use, making it the perfect tool for every household emergency. Emergency services recommend the Lifeaxe with emergency hammer. It comes with five steel tips to assist you with breaking through windows.

The hammer is also handy, because it can be used for emergency escapes, whether it’s a fire escape, fire hose, or sinking vehicle. It is also a great tool for splintering glass, so you can escape from the scene quickly. The hammer can be purchased at a local hardware store or bought online. In an emergency, you can use the hammer to free yourself and save a life.


The VicTSing emergency hammer is a great tool to have in your vehicle. It features a 6.7-inch plastic handle and a double-tipped steel hammer. This tool can be stored in your car’s glove compartment, door pocket, or armrest box. It’s easy to use and store. It’s also delivered to you free of charge and fast. Read on for more information on this handy product.


When you need to break a window quickly, your vehicle’s safety hammer is the tool you need. Its hardened steel metal hammer and three LED lights serve as a flashing hazard light, and the spike can also break a window. It comes with a safety-guarded razor blade built into the handle, so it can also be used to cut seat belts. Its ergonomic handle and spring-loaded design makes it easy to grasp.

A spring-loaded window punch is another helpful feature. This tool works in small spaces where you don’t have a lot of room to swing your arm. The head of the tool is made of hardened carbon steel, making it highly durable and effective. A non-slip grip and anti-skid design prevent the blade from damaging the vehicle’s interior. For added convenience, the hammer comes with a hanger loop and string.


A good emergency hammer will be indispensable in a disaster. This is why so many people now carry them in their cars. The emergency hammers from GoDeCho are lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. Most of these tools are available in gold or silver handles and don’t require too much physical strength. The hammer’s textured finish makes it easy to spot when you are in a crowded place.

The glass breakage hammer is an excellent choice in such a case. Its double-headed tips are made of sharp steel, while the handle is made of plastic. The hammer’s reflective strip helps you see breakage in low-light conditions. It’s perfect for hammering side windows. The hammer’s sharp, double-sided blade will easily break the glass. The hammer is lightweight, measuring only 3.5 inches long, and weighs only five ounces.


The EMKA emergency hammer has a fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) construction and complies with fire protection standards. Its hardened steel tip is suitable for breaking tempered, laminated, and insulating glass. The hammer is also equipped with a belt cutter and a large, ergonomic handle. Its patented design has been credited to Nick Harlander. This emergency hammer was designed with the safety of firefighters, firemen, and other emergency workers in mind.

An additional safety feature is its protective loop, which extends in the direction of the hammer head. The protective loop is made of dimensionally rigid material and covers the person holding the hammer’s handle. It is a valuable asset in emergencies. The hammer head also need not be longer than prior art. This feature makes the EMKA emergency hammer ideal for multiple windowpane smashing.


When it comes to car emergency escape tools, you can’t go wrong with the ZHSX safety hammer, which is actually a two-in-one multifunctional tool. These tools, which are designed to be used in emergencies, include a glass hammer and a flashlight. They are battery-powered or capacitor-powered. You can also buy dash cameras and other safety devices to keep you safe on the road. It is better to be safe than sorry, and these car safety tools are highly recommended.

You can easily store the hammer in your car’s glove box, door holder, or middle console. It is secured to your car’s window using velcro and zip-tie. A separate premium gift box is included with the tool, which also doubles as a window breaker. Once you are out of the car, you can use the hammer to break the window on your door or windshield, or start cracking it.