Why Is Design So Important?

Herbert Simon once said, “Design is not just a profession, it’s a fundamental activity of the human condition.” This is very true; from thousands of years ago, humans have been designing objects and environments. Modern design skills are often required for everyday activities. So what is design? What makes it so important? And what are the benefits of learning the basics? Read on to discover why design is important. And how can you learn more about it.

Design is a way of seeing

The more aware we are of design, the more we can find it everywhere. This means looking past appearances and appreciating its value. Every piece of man-made objects was created with a specific job in mind. By becoming more aware of design, we can appreciate the value of everyday objects and their job. It also helps us appreciate the beauty in common objects. Here are some examples of everyday objects that have design:

It is a science

While intuitive people are able to create beautiful works, they are also good at intuitively foreseeing user pain points. This doesn’t mean that designers should be completely devoid of instinct. After all, UX Design is all about solving problems. While art is more subjective and has no real purpose, it can identify and criticize existing problems in the world. And while the goal of good design is still subjective, it’s also a science.

It is an art

While we may be able to describe it by using words, we can’t always define what design actually is. Design is a form of creative expression that creates something that people can use or appreciate. It is also a form of expression that creates value in and of itself. Designers use their creativity to create objects that will serve a purpose, and this is what separates it from other creative mediums. To be considered a designer, a work of art must communicate the desired message and perform its function well.

It is a way of life

Design is a way of life. This statement is true, whether the design is physical or graphic. This influence affects more than aesthetics. If you want to achieve success, you must learn to say no more often than you say yes. You must become a master of self-awareness and discipline. There are many ways to create a life that is in harmony with your values. Consider these strategies for creating a successful lifestyle.

It is a way of solving problems

As a designer, you must have observed how people solve problems. There is a distinct pattern. The same process is followed by everyone. They break down the problem into smaller steps and come up with a plan to solve it. It isn’t just specific to design but applies to any kind of problem solving. You must learn to adapt your design process in order to solve the problem. Adaptation is one of the keys to success.