Why Rent a Small Belgium Warehouse From Ilomar Holding N.V.

If you are looking for a new cold storage facility in Belgium, then you have come to the right place. Ilomar Holding N.V. has an impressive cold storage facility in Roosendaal. This article will show you why you should rent a small warehouse in Roosendaal. The company has been in business for over 50 years and has many successful examples of small warehouses throughout Belgium. You can also benefit from their experience in cold storage.


If you’re looking to locate your new small warehouse to the Netherlands, you’ll want to consider Roosendaal. The town is the second largest town in West Brabant, and is home to more than 77,000 residents. There are more than 370,000 people in the surrounding area, and unemployment is 9.2%. Despite a large number of businesses and companies located in this region, there are still more than 3,420 people without jobs. That’s a huge shortage of workers, but Roosendaal, Belgium has some advantages.

The active ants group has opened a new e-fulfillment centre in Roosendaal, Belgium. The facility, which includes robots and human workers, will handle thousands of shipments for online stores. Moreover, the bpost group is continuing to expand its e-fulfillment logistics services in the country. The e-fulfillment centre uses a GreyMatter operating system and robots to ensure the most efficient fulfillment and delivery process for its customers.

Blackstone has acquired a c.87,000 square-metre warehouse complex in Roosendaal, Belgium, which is currently leased to Primark. The warehouse serves as the distribution center for France, Italy, and Belgium. Dietz, a German businessman, also owns a similar warehouse complex in the Netherlands, which he co-owns with Malaysia’s Employees Provident Fund. Blackstone continues to invest in logistics real estate worldwide, including in the Netherlands, and Roosendaal, Belgium, is one of its core regions. Its current portfolio of 3.3 million square metres includes a business park and a logistics advisory role.

Roosendaal cold storage facility

In a bid to respond to growing demand for premium pharmaceutical products in the Netherlands, the Yusen Logistics Roosendaal cold storage facility is breaking ground. The new 11,225m2 pharmaceutical facility is divided into two sections: ambient and cold storage. Both sections will maintain temperatures between two and eight degrees Celsius. The new facility is expected to open in the first quarter of 2018.

The new Roosendaal cold storage facility has a strategic location – just 15 minutes from major shipping terminals. As such, it’s an ideal location for moving large volumes of containers. In order to achieve this, the new facility requires real-time inventory visibility. With accurate inventory data, it can avoid bottlenecks and deliver cargo where it needs to be. Moreover, the cold storage facility is equipped with a modern robotic system that can scan QR codes for ordering and navigating.

Another cold storage facility in Belgium is located in Roosendaal. This facility is managed by Frigolanda, an international logistics firm with eight warehousing facilities in Europe. It offers temperature-controlled storage as well as ambient storage for a variety of commodities. The company offers a variety of value-added services, including order picking, labelling, tracking, and quality reports.

Ilomar Holding N.V.

A Belgian warehousing company, Ilomar Holding N.V., has been acquired by Louis Dreyfus Commodities. The company’s portfolio includes the Antwerp-based coffee warehouse 4STOX NV. The deal was not disclosed, but it will increase Louis Dreyfus’s presence in the region. Ilomar has been in operation since the late 1990s.

The deal is part of the company’s long-term strategy to expand its fixed asset base and diversify its customer base. It will help the company develop a global network for its warehousing and logistics services. In addition to Belgium, Ilomar is present in Vietnam, Spain, and the US. The two companies plan to expand their existing fixed asset base, including warehouses in the three countries.