Why WordPress Is Better Than SquareSpace

WordPress is an excellent free content management system, which has thousands of plugins to customize your site. If you are not familiar with it, I highly recommend you get started by reading this article. You will find it easy to use, powerful, and has thousands of extensions that will allow you to customize your site. It’s also free to use for both private and commercial purposes. If you have any questions about WordPress, feel free to ask the community of volunteers. They are the backbone of the platform and provide a wealth of help to all users.

WordPress is a free content management system

If you want to create a website and have no coding skills, you can easily use WordPress. This content management system is free, and it runs on open-source software. Hundreds of developers collaborate to make it even better. The spirit of open-source means accountability, constant improvements, and free usage for everyone. WordPress also removes the need to learn how to code, as it uses a variety of coding languages.

It is easy to use

If you’ve ever built a website, you know how easy it can be to publish content on a WordPress site. The visual editor on WordPress gives you a top-level overview of all of your posts, including title, author, category, tags, and last modified date. You can then filter, search, and sort posts however you want. You can also customize the look of your content with themes, plugins, and applications.

It is powerful

While SquareSpace offers some customization options, WordPress is far more flexible. For a beginner, SquareSpace might be better, but the truth is, WordPress is a far better choice for large corporations. Small, static websites can’t create a brand in today’s marketplace. For this reason, big corporations need a platform that supports the development of large, complex websites. Luckily, WordPress is powerful enough to handle any size website, from a landing page to a corporate site.

It has thousands of plugins

WordPress has thousands of plugins that can enhance your blog’s performance, including SEO, security, social media, and automation. You can find free and paid plugins for just about any purpose. Yoast SEO, for example, offers an intuitive interface and manages SEO-related features, including canonical links, the robots.txt file, meta titles and descriptions, and XML sitemaps.

It is responsive

A responsive website is an essential part of a modern-day business. A responsive website makes it easy for people to view content from any device. The code used in responsive WordPress themes is designed to dynamically resize a website to fit any screen. It also provides a better user experience and can be viewed on any device. To make your website responsive, follow these steps: